Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tusten Mountain Trail, NY

Hiking the Tusten Mountain Trail - National Park Service
Trails of the Upper Delaware River Valley - National Park Service

GPS Coordinates 41.554277, -75.019073
Parking at the Ten Mile River Access.

 Tusten Mountain Trail at EveryTrail

These four hikes all done in one day along with a scenic drive from one to the other.
   SGL 316, PA - Cobey Pond - 2.5 miles
      drive 9.3 miles/20 minutes to
   Damascus Forest, PA - 1.5 miles
      drive 26.4 miles/53 minutes to
   Bouchoux Trail - Jensen's Ledges, NY - 2.5 miles
      drive 34.5 miles/57 minutes to
   Tusten Mountain Trail, NY - 3.5 miles

The trail starts to the right of the kiosk on the gravel road...
... along the Delaware River then ...
Ten Mile River.
Veer left and cross the Stone Arch Bridge which was constructed in 1875.
Ten Mile River from the bridge.
Continuing along the gravel road.
Views of the Delaware River along the way.
The trail leave the road to the right...
... and enters the woods to a trail register.
We did the loop counter clockwise.
Fourth hike of the day!
There is an option for the steepest part of the climb.
Which way would Shawnee choose to go?
I figured she would want to take the easier route.
At the next sign the trail turns right but we continued on to explore...
... old bluestone quarries.
Back on the trail to continue to the overlook.
Not a whole lot to see at the overlook if you are my height.  Maybe a taller person could see more.
The rest is all downhill on a woods road after a little bit of a scramble over rocks and downed trees.
Back at the trail register.
Heading back to...
... the gravel road along the Delaware River.
A view of the Stone Arch Bridge from the bank of Ten Mile River.
Ten Mile River
Ten Mile River flowing into the Delaware River.
Having some dinner while I abandoned her for a few minutes to...
... get an evening shot of the Delaware River from the access.

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