Sunday, October 4, 2015

State Game Lands 316, PA - Cobey Pond

Trails of the Upper Delaware River Valley - National Park Service

GPS Coordinates 41.558605, -75.077427
I had parked in this lot because I could not see that there was more parking up ahead closer to the gate.

Two slightly different versions of the map yet there were more trails and parking lots than shown on either map.

Pike Outdoors brochure page 9.
State Game Lands 316, PA - Cobey Pond at EveryTrail

These four hikes all done in one day along with a scenic drive from one to the other.
   SGL 316, PA - Cobey Pond - 2.5 miles
      drive 9.3 miles/20 minutes to
   Damascus Forest, PA - 1.5 miles
      drive 26.4 miles/53 minutes to
   Bouchoux Trail - Jensen's Ledges, NY - 2.5 miles
      drive 34.5 miles/57 minutes to
   Tusten Mountain Trail, NY - 3.5 miles

Beautiful drive early in the morning.
Entering the SGL, you cross over scenic Masthope Creek.  The map shows a trail along the creek.  Must go back!
We had to walk farther on that hideous chunky gravel than we had to as to the right (left facing the gate) is a parking lot that can't be seen when  you pull in.
This is called the Cobey Pond Trail but there is nothing that says that, no markers, no blazes, nothing.  I went right here since I could see there was none of the gravel to the left and figuring that was the return route, wanted to get the gravel out of the way first.
The foliage was pretty.
But that gravel was icky for both of us and I was becoming very disappointed with this hike.
Finally some room off to the side with no gravel.
Good morning!
Ah ha, the source of all of the annoying gravel.
And Cobey Pond beyond that but first to the dock.
Starting a counter clockwise look with just a little more gravel ...
... and it ends before the bridge.
Looking back at the dock.
Easy going here.
Now we were enjoying this hike and it turned out to be quite nice.
This gentleman must have been in his late 70's and he JOGGED right by us!
After going around 3 sides of the pond, take the right fork.
A look back at the pond.
At the next fork, veer left.
End up back on the chunky gravel and turn right to...
... the gate and ...
... the parking lots beyond.


  1. Thanks for doing this blog! It gives me ideas for new places to hike and gives me a break in the woods while I'm at work. Again, thanks again!

    1. Thanks, Jill! That is actually how the blog started - something I could look back on while stuck indoors during the week. And I still use it for that!


  2. Such a greta blog and post! Just did this hike in the snow this past weekend and your guide was invaluable in keeping us on the track!

  3. My GF and I tried hiking this trail back in 2014 but we couldn't FIND it! So we gave up and drove away. Thanks for posting this.

    1. It is a bit confusing with so many parking lots but now you know it's there!