Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bouchouxville Trail/Jensen's Ledges, NY

Jensen's Ledges - Hancock Area Chamber of Commerce
Trails of the Upper Delaware River Valley - National Park Service

GPS Coordinates 41.875617, -75.180031
Parking on the right just after crossing the Bouchoux Brook bridge.

Bouchoux Trail, NY - Jensen's Ledges at EveryTrail

These four hikes all done in one day along with a scenic drive from one to the other.
   SGL 316, PA - Cobey Pond - 2.5 miles
      drive 9.3 miles/20 minutes to
   Damascus Forest, PA - 1.5 miles
      drive 26.4 miles/53 minutes to
   Bouchoux Trail - Jensen's Ledges, NY - 2.5 miles
      drive 34.5 miles/57 minutes to
   Tusten Mountain Trail, NY - 3.5 miles

Take the woods road to the left of the park sign and sign in at the register.
The National Park Service rates this hike as difficult but that just means an uphill slog to get there on wobbly rocks but it's all woods road.
The high was only 60 degrees but that uphill warms you up fast.
This calls for a beverage.
The Delaware River down below starts to come into view.
That is a look of displeasure because she was put on a STAY command so I could get just a tad closer to the edge for...
... a shot of the waterfall dropping off the edge down to the Delaware River.  This area is reached by a side trail to the right just before the creek crossing.
Back at the creek crossing over, it looks like an infinity pool where the water drops down to the river.
A short distance ahead, an old bluestone quarry on the right...
.. with some views.
There are some interesting rock piles and rock furniture.
Continuing on a little farther to Jensen's Ledges.
The view from Jensen's Ledges.
Heading back down.
The only trail marker I saw.
Back through the parking lot to the far end there is supposed to be a trail down to the river along Bouchoux Brook.
But a short distance in, a private picnic area and all kinds of no trespassing/you are being videotaped signs and the trail seemed to fizzle out.
Back in the parking lot is this sign but I decided not to pursue finding the trail since it really did not look like one was welcome to do so.
On the way to the next hike, a little self service farm stand.  Love finding these things out in the country and scored two spaghetti squash for $2.50 each!


  1. We've been meaning to get up that way to hike. It's surrounding the town of Narrowsburg where I have many relatives and spent nearly every summer till into my teens. Never hiked there, though. Wasn't into it then. Now, however, is a totally different story! Thanks for sharing these trails. Maybe one "can go home again" with a brand new attitude. :)

    1. Were we silly teenagers or what? I lived in Fredericksburg, VA during high school and HATED it there. Wasn't into hiking then either. Now I go back whenever I can with a whole new attitude and would love to live there now!