Sunday, June 16, 2019

Five Rivers Metroparks, OH - Taylorsville East Park

Five Rivers Metroparks Taylorsville -

GPS Coordinates 39.881401, -84.155940

Five Rivers Metroparks Taylorsville Trail Map -
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HIKE DISTANCE:  5.25 miles

The trail starts at the kiosk.
We kept right at the intersection on the orange trail.  We'd be taking the yellow trail later.
There were people at the rock outcrop so we didn't stop but there would be another opportunity later on
Keeping right on orange.
No matter how often I checked, partial cloudy was never in the forecast.  No more rain but it was supposed to be solid clouds.  Glad they were wrong.
An overlook ...
... that is no more.
Great Miami River spilling over its banks through the power cut.
The trail follows along the Great Miami River.
Uh oh.  The trail flooded out.  Fortunately this is right at a connector trail so we turned left and took that.
The connector trail met up with the orange trail that we had come in on so we backtracked and took it around the other way ...
... to where that end was flooded out but it was a good view of the river.
Retracing to the rock outcrop.
At the intersection we continued right on the yellow trail.
The overlook platform on the yellow trail ...
... with a little bit of a view of the Great Miami River.
It made a nice dry break spot.
Continuing on yellow.
Yellow was also flooded out but by looking at the track compared to the map, it should turn left just beyond this point away from the flood waters.  Indeed, after bushwhacking a short distance through stinging nettles (OUCH) we met up with ...
... the trail coming out of the flood water so we were able to complete the loop.
At the picnic pavilion keeping right leads back to the parking lot.
About 6 hours later, our destination.

Mohican State Park, OH - Lyons Falls Loop

I never saw a Mohican State Park sign so the adjacent state forest sign will have to do.

Mohican State Park - Ohio State Parks

GPS Coordinates 40.623246, -82.326400
Parking at Pleasant Hill Dam.

Mohican State Park Trail Map - Ohio DNR
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This was intended to be a 10-mile hike but with rain and impending thunderstorms I was prepared to cut it short.  I had stopped before leaving the interstate to check the weather and the forecast showed a couple of hours of no rain.
Checking out Pleasant Hill Dam across the street from the parking lot.
Back over on the parking lot side, the trailhead.
That would be our return route, coming up that looooooong flight of steps.
It was so dark in the forest that the slightest movement caused blurry pictures.
Little Lyons Falls
Looking down from the bridge at the top of Little Lyons Falls.
Continuing on t Big Lyons.
Brodie froze for a minute thinking the trail was going straight into the falls.  Nope, left turn at the bottom of the steps.
Looking back at Big Lyon Falls.
Continuing on to the covered bridge where I would have to decide whether to cut the hike short or not.
Right at the T-intersection but first a look at ...
Clearfork Mohican River
Surprisingly I had cell service.  Not quite at the covered bridge yet but the forecast not looking so good :(
Coming up on the park road with the covered bridge on the left.  Straight would be the 10-mile loop, left to the covered bridge would be the 3-mile loop.
The 3-mile loop it is.
After crossing the bridge, follow the paved road left then left on the Pleasant Hill Trail.
This trail follows close to the river.
The rain has started.
Another wet great blue heron.
Amazingly, just as we reached the clearing with the looooong stretch of steps, the rain stopped.
A groundhog crossing the hill.
Up we go.
Stopping to take a picture because the quads were on fire!
Almost there.
A final picture from the top.
And back to the car.
No sooner had we left than it started to pour and it rained for the next hour and a half clear through to Columbus, OH
Once I got on I-70 West in Columbus it stopped raining and the sun started coming out so on to Plan B Hike in Dayton, OH to get in a few more miles.