Saturday, September 16, 2017

Patriot's Path, NJ - Whitehead Road to Dismal Harmony Natural Area

Patriots' Path - Morris County Parks Commission
Lewis Morris County Park - Morris County Parks Commission - Morris County Parks Commission

GPS Coordinates 40.80088, -74.53052
Whitehead Road Parking at the Patriot's Path

Lewis Morris County Park Map - Morris County Parks Commission
Patriots' Path East - Morris County Parks Commissio (lower left corner)
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HIKE DISTANCE:  6.3 miles

I probably should not have taken Rocky on this hike.  Some aggression issues have surfaced this week.  He bit a vet tech and almost bit two other people, completely unprovoked.  He can be so wonderful but he has also shown he can be unpredictable and that is dangerous.  Now I see why he was surrendered to the shelter.  This did not happen overnight.  There is no doubt in my mind that his former owners knew, did not disclose and were hoping someone else would take care of it.  Looks like that someone is going to be me.  I won't wimp out on him and put him back in the shelter.  That would be irresponsible.   I have two choices.  I deal with it or I have my vet put him down.  I went ahead on the hike today hoping the trails would be empty early in the morning and they were for the most part but whenever someone would approach I took Rocky well off of the trail and had contact with nobody.  It's stressful and it is no way to hike.

Fall colors starting along the trail.
Balloon #43 of the year.
The Patriots' Path goes left; un unmarked trail right.  We would be returning from the right.
This is shown as a yellow-blazed trail on the map but it is not blazed at all.  It's a very easy trail to follow, though.
On the northern loop.
Coming back to the Patriots' Path.
Whippany River
Crossing Tingley Road.
It's along this stretch that there we encountered more people.
The Patriots' Path goes right but also left as a blue-blazed spur; we went right.
Because this stretch had been busier and more stressful, I opted to avoid retracing and road walk back to avoid that section.
The Patriots' Path turns left into Dismal Harmony Natural Area; we kept straight on East Main Street.
Right on Tingley Road at the end of East Main,
Coming up on the Patriots' Path where we had crossed over Tingley Road earlier.  Turning left.
We took a break at the bench at the Whippany River crossing.
This stretch had far fewer people to run into.
Back at the car.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Veteran's Park, Roxbury, NJ

Veteran's Park Trails - Hike Roxbury

GPS Coordinates 40.87726, -74.67779
Conkling Road Parking

Veteran's Park Map - Hike Roxbury
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HIKE DISTANCE:  4.8 miles

Rocky has advanced straight into the accelerated hiking program.  He did 4.8 slightly more rugged miles today with ease.  I just hope he does not think we will be hiking every day.  I do have to go to work to support our hiking habit.
His least favorite thing:  Waking up at 5:30 AM and on the road by 6:00 AM.  He is not a morning dog.
From the parking lot ...
... his first sight of deer.  He was interested, but just looked.
Heading off on the blue trail.
About 1/3 of a mile in, left on the red trail.
Not quite sure what the structure up ahead is supposed to be ...
... other than a party place :(
At the end of red ...
... left on yellow.
Could it be?
Yes, it is Rocky's first balloon, #38 for the year.
At a little bit of an overlook ...
... a nice picnic table for a break.
Then continuing on y ellow.
Yellow ends at Patricia Drive where right goes to the blue trail but first ...
... left a short distance to the green trail.
Green trail on the left.
What is that to the left?
Balloons #39, #40, #41 and #42
There is a short side trail off of green to a picnic table but oh my, the garbage!  It was too nasty to stop here for a break.
I picked up the plastic bags since they looked clean, put the balloons in one and filled the other one up with plastic bottles even though it did not make a dent in the litter that was there.
Green the loops around and heads back.
At the end of green, right on Patricia drive passing the yellow trail on the right all the way to ...
... the far corner of the parking lot where the blue trail starts.
Look at Rocky like he knows where he is going!  He really did lead the way a lot today where he mostly followed yesterday.
At a woods road, blue turns left on the woods road where yellow starts across the woods road.
This is how nice he walks after just a few corrections for pulling.  He needs a reminder every so often but for the most part he is easy on the leash.
Blue goes all the way back to the car.
Heading home.