Saturday, November 10, 2018

Mountainview Nature Park, NY and Long Path Section 3 (partial)

Mountainview Nature Park - County of Rockland, NY
Long Path Section 3 - New York New Jersey Trail Conference

GPS Coordinates 41.10017, -73.948752

Hudson Palisades Trails Maps 110  - New York New JerseyTrail Conference
Mountainview Nature Park Map - County of Rockland, NY (note that the spur to the view is actually  the white trail to where it ends - there is no separate spur)
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HIKE DISTANCE:  7.4 miles

The orange trail starts from the parking lot.
When orange turns left, we turned right on white.
The trail soon becomes steeper.
It's quite a mountainous and rugged area.
Watch for the orange trail on the left.  It is easy to miss.  After the overlook return to this trail.  White continues straight as the spur shown on the map.  I had backtracked thinking I missed the spur until I figured out the map was incorrect.
At the end of white ...
The overlook.
And some litter Brodie packed out in his backpack.
After heading back to orange and turning right, a short distance ahead left on blue.
Blue loops around past a swamp ...
... back to orange where we turned left.
Orange comes out on a dead end street and turns left, then right on Mountainview Avenue.
A short distance ahead on a sidewalk ...
... then left on a narrow strip of  land between apartment buildings.
Orange runs right into the Long Path where we turned left.
The Hudson River and Tappanzee Bridge come into view.
A white trail not on the map leaves the Long Path to the right.  I figured out later that this path goes down to Nyack High School.
The Long Path comes close to an apartment complex near the white trail.
This area looked like there might have been a house at one time.
Must have been since an old drive switchbacks down to Christian Herald Road.
At Christian Herald Road the Long Path turns right...
... but we turned left intending to road walk to West Hook Mountain where there are trails shown on the map.
A right on Old Stone Road is the way but turns out it is a private road with KEEP OUT sign.  Google Earth shows some mansions that way so seems the park had a mansion built on it :(
We headed back but instead of turning right on the Long Path, we went a short distance on a woods road.  At a fork, left would go down to the high school.
Right just goes a short way above the high school and fizzles out.  I would think taking the left fork and walking through the high school parking lot and athletic fields, one would come out at that while trail back up to the Long Path but we retraced and took the Long Path back up.
Retracing on the Long Path, we found balloon #52 of the year.
Tappanzee Bridge
Back to the orange trail where we turned right.
And balloon #53 of the year.
Right on orange where white begins.