Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lansdown and Capoolong Creek Trails, NJ

Lansdown Trail - Hunterdon County Department of Parks and Recreation
Lansdown Trail -
Capoolong Creek Trail in Capoolong Creek Wildlife Management Area -

GPS Coordinates 40.63385,-74.912872

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From West Main Street, turn right just after the Agway building before the Exxon station.
Although there is no designated parking, there are no signs that say you can't park here, just not after sunset.  The trail head is straight ahead.

Lansdown Trail - Hunterdon County
Capoolong Creek Trail -
Both trails are identified on Googlemaps and Google Earth

10.8 miles (5.4 miles each way out and back)

Beginning of the Lansdown Trail next to Fox Lumber.
Male and female house sparrows.
The trail soon passes under I-78.
A hazy view of the countryside.
The entire 1.8 miles of the Lansdown Trail is well-maintained crushed stone.
It's a multi-use trail.

South Branch of the Raritan River.
Old railroad ties at the end of the Lansdown Trail.
To reach the Capoolong Creek Trail you can either continue on the unmaintained part of the Lansdown Trail for a short distance or turn right on Lower Lansdown Road then left on Lansdown Road...
... and end up at the same live railroad crossing on Lansdown Road.
Just after crossing the tracks, a historical marker sign on the left...
... and the unmarked entrance to the Capoolong Creek Trail on the right.
The trail is a dirt path...
... and begins to follow along Capoolong Creek.
The trail does not cross this bridge, but it is worth checking out.
Hanging plants all along the bridge.
Farther along, the trail crosses a power cut - with cattle!
A very pretty section with the sound of flowing water.
Capoolong Creek
You do have to watch your step - a LOT of horse droppings along the way!
The old train station still stands in ruins at the end of the Capoolong Creek Trail.
Retracing back to the beginning.
Not a good idea right before getting back in the car but gosh, it felt so good.  (And this is why we don't drive fancy cars.)

[  0.00]  Walk towards Fox Lumber keeping to the right of the parking lot to the trail head
[  0.25]  Cross bridge
[  0.35]  Cross paved road
[  0.50]  1/2 mile marker
[  1.15]  Cross bridge then power cut then another bridge
[  1.55]  Cross bridge
[  1.70]  End of Lansdown Trail; either cross Lower Lansdown Road and veer right then left on unmaintained rail bed (not the unmaintained bed straight ahead, the one to the right of that) OR turn right on Lower Lansdown Road to intersection, left on Lansdown Road to live tracks
[  1.85]  Cross live tracks then turn right on Capoolong Creek Trail (not marked) just before the Lansdown and Sidney School Road signs
[  2.45]  Cross Lansdown and Sydney slightly to the left
[  2.70]  Veer right on Lower Kingstown Road briefly towards bridge, turn left before bridge - trail runs parallel to the left of the private drive
[  2.90]  Trail merges together with gravel private drive and comes out at paved fork in power cut; keep right and pick up the trail to the right just before the "Wrong Way" sign
[  3.25]  Cross wooden footbridge built by boy scouts
[  3.55]  Cross Lower Kingstown Road at a large red barn
[  3.80]  Turn right on Lower Kingstown Road and walk towards Lower and Upper Kingstown Road signs, with one lane bridge on the right, cross Upper Kingstown Road to pick up trail at log bench
[  4.15]  Cross bridge
[  4.45]  Cross bridge
[  4.60]  Turn right on White Bridge Road, continue straight towards parking pad, cross White Bridges Road where it curves to the right and continue on trail through parking pad; cross bridge built by boy scouts
[  5.20]  Cross bridge
[  5.30]  Cross gravel road
[  5.40]  End of Capoolong Trail at old train station on right; retrace


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  2. Thanks again for a great find. I have been on the Capoolong, but I didn't know about the Lansdown, (and I LIVED in Clinton for 3 yrs!!!)
    My 77 year old Mother will LOVE that trail, there arent that many she can go on, but I really think she will like that one

  3. Great pictures. No words needed!!! I love it. Thanks for sharing.