Saturday, April 9, 2011

Storm King State Park, Orange County, NY

ABOUT THE PARK: Storm King State Park - The Palisades Parks Conservancy

GPS Coordinates 41.423039, -74.000752

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TRAIL MAP:  NY-NJ Trail Conference West Hudson Trails Map #113

This Hike:  8 miles - Butter Hill, Storm King Mountain and Crows Nest Mountain
Shorter Versions:  4 miles - Crows Nest Mountain - NY-NJ Trail Conference
                             3.5 miles - Butter Hill and Storm King Mountain - NY-NJ Trail Conference

With your back to 9W, head left to the start of the orange Butter Hill Trail.  The trail climbs immediately.  On the day of this hike it was very foggy but climbing Butter Hill brought us above the fog.
 The yellow and teal-blazed trail (Stillman and Highlands Trails) to Storm King Mountain:
The blue-blazed Howell Trail descends through the clove and then up Crows Nest Mountain:

Views from Crows Nest Mountain:

Stillman Spring and Memorial:

[  0.00]  Take orange-blazed trail from north side of parking lot
[  0.40]  Orange-blazed trail ends, turn right on yellow square/teal diamond trail
[  0.65]  Left on blue/red-blazed trail
[  1.30]  Blue/red ends, turn right on yellow square/teal diamond trail
[  1.95]  Right on yellow square/teal diamond when white square goes left
[  2.65]  Turn left on blue square when yellow/teal goes right
[  3.15]  Blue trail turns left down stone steps (turn easy to miss, turn blazed on rock, straight will be return route to parking lot)
[  3.65]  Rock hop over creek
[  3.80]  Blue turns right when white goes left (blue blazes not immediately visible)
[  4.20]  Turn sharp left up steps on blue when white goes straight
[  6.25]  Blue trail ends at Route 218; left briefly on road then left on white before bridge
[  7.00]  Right on blue when white ends
[  7.15]  Rock hop over creek
[  7.55]  At top of stone steps where blue turns right, turn left on unmarked trail (old blazes on trees painted over)
[  8.00]  Arrive back at parking lot


  1. Great Hike (and very useful directions). Here is a GPS tracked map if anyone wants to see what exactly it looks like (and elevation change, which is pretty intense in places):

  2. This was an awesome hike! I was sore for two days afterwards but it was worth it!

    1. I can imagine but it's a good kind of sore!