Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holliday Lake State Park, Appomattox, VA

Holliday Lake State Park - Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

GPS Coordinates 37.399858, -78.641189

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After paying the park fee ($2 on week days, $3 on weekends) continue straight ahead towards the lake.  The road loops around with parking in multiple places along the loop.

TRAIL MAP: Holliday Lake State Park Trail Guide

HIKE DISTANCE:  Although the park sign and map indicate the loop is 6.3 miles, I measured it at 5.2 miles.

The trailhead is just to the left of Picnic Shelter #1, which is to the left of the swimming beach.
This is a lovely hike, mostly around the lake, following the blue-blazed Lakeshore Trail the entire way.

[  0.00]  Begin on blue Lakeshore Trail trailhead to left of Picnic Shelter 1
[  0.35]  Overlook deck with picnic table
[  0.50]  At intersection keep right, left goes to campground
[  0.75]  Overlook pier to right; retrace and continue on trail
[  0.90]  Power cut; follow blue Lakeshore Trail signs
[  1.20]  Turn right, cross bridge, turn right
[  1.55]  Overlook pier to right
[  1.80]  Keep straight when woods road comes in from left
[  1.90]  Cross long bridge
[  2.20]  Take left fork to overlook
[  2.25]  Picnic table at overlook; continue on trail in same direction, trail merges back with Lakeshore Trail
[  2.80]  Descend long sets of steps and cross over dam
[  2.85]  Take left fork, right goes to picnic table
[  3.20]  Power cut
[  3.25]  Keep straight across bridge when old overgrown trail goes left
[  3.50]  Trail veers right at fork, access prohibited at left fork
[  3.85]  Cross paved road at 4H Center and ascend steps
[  4.80]  Cross bridge at picnic table
[  4.90]  Keep right on trail when orange trail to left goes to campground
[  5.20]  Back at parking lot

If you are heading south on Route 24 afterwards, you can stop for some farm fresh eggs from happy, happy chickens that flap their wings and run around wherever they please - you can't buy eggs like that in stores.
Directions for eggs:

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