Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Perrineville Lake Park, NJ

Perrineville Lake Park - Monmouth County Park System

GPS Coordinates 40.223757, -74.472647

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I did not park at the Agress Road lot, which is the main parking lot, because I would pass my car during the hike and I try to avoid that.  This lot is on N. Rochdale Avenue at the far western side of the park but is not shown on the map.

Perrineville Lake Park Map - Monmouth County Park System
This map shows the Quail Run Trail and an access trail to the Assunpink WMA, neither of which I could find.
Perrinville Lake Park, NJ at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  6.6 miles

Rocky Brook Trail starting from the N. Rochdale Avenue lot.
Raccoon tracks - and there where highways of them in the snow!
Sometimes the trail goes through woods ...
... and sometimes along fields.
The Birds.  Loud birds!  Two groups had already flown away so the tree was loaded with them before this picture.
The loud flock was made up of brown-headed cowbirds ...
... and red-winged blackbirds, their early arrival an indication of the return of spring. 
The trail goes through a pretty area with no traffic noise.  It feels much more remote than it really is.
Some areas were free of snow...
... deep, frozen snow in other parts.
The frozen pond starting to thaw.
Somebody did not read the "Keep Off the Ice" sign.
A tree farm just outside the park.
The hike crosses this power cut several times.
Coming up on Agress Road.
Cross over and turn right towards the parking lot.
Agress Road Lot
Turn left at the lot on the Lakeside Loop Trail.
Another (or the same?) gathering of brown-headed cowbirds and red-winged blackbirds.
Perrineville Lake
Part of the Lakeside Loop Trail is an old farm road.
Coming back out on fields.
Back to the Agress Road lot.  That is why I did not park here - don't want to see my car again until I am finished.
Turn right at the parking lot and start retracing the Rocky Brook Trail.
I've seen robins around all winter but there were tons in this park and they seemed to hang together in pairs.  Another sign of spring!
Crossing back over Agress Road.
Passing the pond.
It was warming up and the snow was melting into a muddy mess.
Enjoying some of that warm sunshine.
Back on the last field to the parking lot.


  1. Thanks for posting this hike! After hiking in deep snow with snowshoes on Saturday, we were looking for a hike with minimal snow for Sunday. We decided to head south and try this hike. We were so excited to hike on dirt!

  2. A belated thanks for this post, I had picked up a brouchure for this park at some point, but after I saw your post I decided it was worth a short day trip.

    I went yesterday and what a difference two weeks makes! No snow at all, and although I wore my old "mud" boots, it wasn't really necessary, just a few slightly muddy stretches, easily avoided. Nice day, nice walk.

    PS. Interesting that you don't like to see your car until the hike is over. I'm the exact opposite, if I can find a way to "check up " on my car I'll do it. In this case I parked at Agress Road and did 2 Out & Backs. Plus, that way I didn't have to carry my lunch, I ate at that lone picnic table near the parking lot as a nice rest stop about mid way thru the hike.

    Thanks again. --Ken

    1. So glad you got to enjoy it with no snow. You are the third person I know of who read this post and went to hike there - very nice!


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