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Appalachian Trail from Hoyt Rd., NY to Kent, CT with Herrick Preserve and Bulls Bridge Side Trips

History of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut - CT AMC
Appalachian Trail Region NJ/NY - NY/NJ Trail Conference
Herrick Preserve - Naromi Land Trust
Bulls Bridge Recreation Area - Litchfield Hills Connecticut Visitor's Bureau

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One Car Shuttle Hike
Park Car Here:
GPS Coordinates 41.731029, -73.490691

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CT 341 Roadside Parking at AT Crossing
Contact Backcountry Outfitters in advance to arrange for a shuttle to Hoyt Road from CT 341. (They will shuttle your dog, too!) Park car at CT 341 and walk .6 mile east on CT 341 to Backcountry Outfitters (on the right just before intersection with Route 7) for shuttle.   When I did the hike, the cost of the shuttle was $25 - less costly than gas and tolls to break up this section of the AT into two out-and-back trips.
OR for a two-car shuttle - 
Park Car 2 here:
GPS Coordinates 41.640959, -73.520118
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Hoyt Road Parking at NY/CT State Line

Connecticut Appalachian Trail Guide (available in map boxes through hike but not very useful)
Appalachian Trail Kent to Rt. 55 - Connecticut Explorer's Guide (very useful topo map)
Herrick Preserve - Naomi Land Trust (detail of first part of AT and side trail to views in Herrick Preserve)
Bulls Bridge Scenic Area Map

AT with all side trips:  15.5 miles
AT only with no side trips: 11.5 miles
Herrick Preserve:  2.35  miles
Bulls Bridge Scenic Area: 1 mile
From Ct 341 parking to Backcountry Outfitters: .6 mile

Tenmile Hill, CT
Schaghticoke Mountain, NY
Mount Algo, CT

APPALACHIAN TRAIL SECTION HIKING: - AT section miles 1,434 to 1,445.4

For written description, see my NY/NJ Trail Conference writeup.
Starting out on the AT from Hoyt Road
Beginning of the Herrick Trail off of the AT
Blue side trail blazes become Herrick Preserve markers
Housatonic Overlook off of Herrick Trail side trail
Amy's Lookout off of Herrick Trail side trail - a wonderful breezy and mossy break spot
Tenmile River
Ned Anderson Memorial Bridge Over Tenmile River
Housatonic Whitewater
View from Overlook Deck at Bulls Bridge Scenic Area
Bulls Bridge
Canal Headgates at Bulls Bridge Scenic Area
Bulls Bridge Dam
The AT follows along Schaghticoke Road for a short distance.
View of Tenmile Hill from Schaghticoke Mountain
View West from Schaghticoke Mountain
Hiking back into Connecticut from Schaghticoke Mountain summit in New York.
New England Countryside View

[  0.00]  Walk east along CT 341
[  0.60]  Arrive at Backcountry Outfitters; shuttle to Hoyt Road, hike north on white-blazed AT
[  1.00]  Side trail on left to Route 55 parking lot at information board
[  1.05]  Connecticut Appalachian Trail sign
[  1.25]  Cross Route 55 (caution - very fast traffic)
[  1.80]  Trail forks left - easy to miss
[  2.50]  Partial view from short side trail to left
[  2.70]  Right on blue Herrick Trail; blue blazes change to preserve markers
[  3.05]  Turn left on side trail at Housatonic Overlook sign
[  3.15]  View straight ahead at rock outcrop; retrace
[  3.20]  Continue left on Herrick Trail
[  3.80]  Turn left on side trail at Amy's Lookout sign
[  3.95]  Amy's Lookout; retrace
[  4.05]  At intersection turn right on Herrick Trail
[  4.70]  Left at fork when Housatonic Overlook side trail goes right
[  5.05]  Right on white-blazed Appalachian Trail when Herrick Trail ends
[  5.35]  Trail turns sharply to the right where branches cover trail straight ahead
[  5.75]  Cross woods road
[  5.85]  Trail turns right at Tenmile River
[  6.10]  Cross Tenmile River on the Ned Anderson Memorial Bridge (steps may be difficult for dogs)
[  6.20]  Trail crosses power cut
[  6.70]  Bear right at fork on wide gravel road
[  6.85]  AT leaves gravel road to the left into woods; stay on gravel road for scenic side trail along the Housatonic to Bulls Bridge
[  7.10]  Right on paved road, either of two side trail to right goes short distance to overlook deck; retrace and continue right on paved road to Bulls Bridge
[  7.25]  Bulls Bridge straight ahead, turn left on trail between parking lot and bridge to trails along the river to the dam; retrace
[  7.55]  Back at paved road turn right and walk along paved road
[  7.65]  Turn right through field beyond gate to left on trail along Spooner Dam to cut off part of road walking; comes back out on road short distance ahead
[  7.75]  Continue right on paved road
[  7.85]  Turn right on Schaghticoke Road at Indian farm stand sign; now back on AT
[  8.10]  AT leaves road to the left into woods
[  8.90]  Partial views through trees to the left
[  9.70]  View to the south at rock outcrop
[11.00]  NY/CT state line
[11.45]  View to the east at Indian Rocks in the Schaghitoke Indian Reservation
[12.00]  Short side trail to right to view
[12.15]  Stay on white-blazed AT when blue-blazed side trail goes left to Schaghticoke Camping Area
[13.50]  High point; begin descent
[14.10]  Cross Thayer Brook
[14.50]  High point of trail on Mount Algo; begin descent
[15.14]  Stay on white-blazed AT when blue-blazed side trail goes left to Mt. Algo shelter
[15.40]  Cross woods road
[15.50]  AT parking area on CT 341

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