Friday, November 18, 2016

Cape Henelopen State Park, DE - Herring Point/Gordon's Pond Trail

Cape Henelopen State Park - Delaware State Parks

GPS Coordinates 38.76604, -75.08464
Huge parking lot across from Herring Point.

Gordon's Pond - Delaware State Parks
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Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge: 5 miles
   hiked together with (.7 mile drive away):
Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge - Pine Grove Trail:  1.25 miles
   hiked together with (15.7 mile drive away):
Cape Henelopen State Park - Herring Point/Gordon's Pond Trail:  3 miles
   hiked together with (.9 mile drive away):
Cape Henelopen State Park, DE - Fort Miles/Pinelands Nature Trail:  2.25 miles

The trails start about the center of the far side of the parking lot.
This was the trail I had intended to hike.  Although it was shown as being in a no hunting zone on the hunting map, apparently that is no longer the case.  I should have called to check.  Lesson learned.
Instead we took the Gordons Pond Trail which I figured would be more crowded.  It was.
But friends were made along the way and Shawnee acquired a slew of new admirers and wheelchair fans.
The start of the boardwalk on Gordons Pond Trail.
A view of the Atlantic Ocean in the distance to the left.
Bicycles pass almost continuously which makes it really hard to take pictures.
Looks like it is held up with toothpicks but the boardwalk is actually very sturdy.
Crushed gravel multi-use trail at the end of the boardwalk.
Oh my, who have we here?
That's a peregrine falcon checking us out.
This is how close he was and he stayed put...
... even stopped worrying about us ...
... until we got around to the other side and snagged ...
... a clear shot of his band!
UPDATE:  I reported the band to the USGS and received this information on 12/9/16:

Yet another Great Blue Heron on the marsh side - I believe this is our third of the day not counting the two that flew off before I got their pictures earlier.
Cormorants on the Gordons Pond side.
There is something in that tree that sticks out over the others but I did not see it at the time and when I enlarge I can't make out what it is.  Dang!
Heading to that bench ...
... for a break.
Engaging wheelchair brakes.
The osprey nest was our turn around point.
Getting back on the boardwalk.
Female Yellow-Rumped Warbler
Sniffs on the boardwalk.
Back at the parking lot ...
... we crossed through the lot then crossed the street to Herring Point.
An overlook at the Atlantic Ocean.
Cape May, NJ across the way.
I took photos for some other people and they took photos of us.
Back at the car, some dinner before heading on to the last hike of the day.

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