Friday, November 18, 2016

Cape Henelopen State Park, DE - Fort Miles/Pinelands Nature Trail

Cape Henelopen State Park - Delaware State Parks

GPS Coordinates 38.77702, -75.09206
Fort Miles Historic Area Parking Lot

Cape Henelopen State Park Tail Map - Delaware State Parks
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Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge: 5 miles
   hiked together with (.7 mile drive away):
Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge - Pine Grove Trail:  1.25 miles
   hiked together with (15.7 mile drive away):
Cape Henelopen State Park - Herring Point/Gordon's Pond Trail:  3 miles
   hiked together with (.9 mile drive away):
Cape Henelopen State Park, DE - Fort Miles/Pinelands Nature Trail:  2.25 miles

I didn't even realize pets weren't allowed on this trail until I started but I hadn't planned on Shawnee doing it with me anyway.  She had already hiked 9.25 miles and her eyes started closing the minute she got in the car.  I don't make a habit of leaving her in the car but it was cool and the sun was setting so I let her rest while I tried to power hike this 1.5 mile trail.
Did I say power hike?  In ankle deep soft sand?
Fortunately by the time the trail splits into a loop, the surface hardens and the going gets faster and easier.
Sun setting, must hurry!
The woods really are gorgeous when the sun is going down.
Careful!  Stay on this side where there is no hunting!
What?  Beach access?  Should I?  Oh heck yeah, I'll make it fast...
More ankle deep soft sand slowing me down.
Coming up over the dunes ...
Oh WOW!  Much more stunning in person.  The colors were incredible and even an ugly old ship looked beautiful in the setting sunlight.
OK, enough now, I REALLY must get going before it is pitch black out.
Back on the trail ...
Finished the loop and back to the parking lot.
I think she was tired enough not to care that I went without her.
Just a quick jog over to Fort Miles for a peak.
There is much more to it but it really was getting too dark so back to the car.
It was pitch black before we got out of the park.  Perfect timing.  Because I felt guilty for leaving her in the car while I hiked we stopped at Burger King on the way home.
Coffee for me and cheeseburger-hold-the-bun for Shawnee!
This was the highlight of her day.


  1. I've been stalking your blog for awhile now looking for new places to horseback ride and your posts have been a wonderful resource and preview of what to expect. The beach views were amazing- certainly worth the power hike! So glad to see Shawnee continues to be bright-eyed and eager for adventures

    1. LOL! Welcome Stalker Grace! Glad the previews are of help to you. They can be kind of important when you need a specific type of trail, as we do now :)