Sunday, December 6, 2015

Glades Wildlife Refuge, NJ - Tat Starr Trail

Glades Wildlife Refuge - Natural Lands Trust

GPS Coordinates for Tat Starr Trail - 39.26500, -75.16577
There is a parking lot beyond the gate but since the gate was closed I parked off the side of the road where there was ample space.

Glades Wildlife Refuge Trail Map - Natural Lands Trust

All hikes combined with short drives from one to the other - 8.4 miles
Bald Eagle Trail - 1.6 miles
Maple Street Trail - 4 miles
Warfle Farm Trail .7 miles
Tat Star Tail - 2.1 miles

She was getting very tired having hiked over 6 miles already.  If I had any thoughts about making her sit this one out, that look clearly said "Don't you even think about it."
So off we went.  This hike was a couple of miles from the others but turned out to be our most favorite one of the day.
In the holly forest on a nice December day you could almost imagine it was spring already.
The trail is well blazed.
A short section of Russell Road.
Huge old trees.
Leaving Russell Road into the phragmite maze
The observation tower 1 mile out at the end of the trail.
Not coming up those steps.
Flocks of hundreds of birds flew right over.  They did not make a sound other than the collective wing flaps which sounded like a huge gust of wind was coming.
She found herself a soft spot and made herself comfortable.
Can't think of a better place for a snack.
Seemed like there were two flocks of different birds that kept coming over.
Yes, she is tired.
But she perks right back up to finish.


  1. What a fabulous hike, Shawnee you are in great form!!!

    Nuk & Family

  2. Looks like a great place to hike. Shawnee looks great! such a trooper. God bless her. Thanks for sharing. Joanne