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Farny State Park, NJ and the New Righter Mine Trail

Farny State Park -NJ Department of Environmental Protection
New Jersey's Great Northwest Skylands (nice history and description)

GPS Coordinates 40.962675, -74.457589

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This lot fills up fast in the summer and I believe tickets for parking on Split Rock Road run $200 and they DO ticket!

Jersey Highlands Trail Map #125 - NY-NJ Trail Conference (show Splitrock Reservoir trails but does not show Wildcat Ridge and Righter Mine trails in Wildcat Ridge WMA)
Wildcat Ridge WMA Trails - Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association (shows Wildcat Ridge and Righter Mine trails but not the Splitrock Reservoir trails)

9.3 miles with 4 mile option

Crossing the Splitrock Reservoir dam at about 7:30 am on a gorgeous crisp morning after storms came through the night before.
Looking back after crossing the dam.
Splitrock Reservoir
A left turn just after the dam brings you to the start of the new yellow-blazed Wildcat Ridge Trail.
The yellow trail intersects with the white-blazed Four Birds Trail which leads to...
The beginning of the blue-blazed Splitrock Loop Trail.
Flowers with last night's raindrops on the blue trail.
A tight squeeze on the blue trail.
Down to the creek crossing.
The aqua-blazed Righter Mine Trail follows along the creek.
Pretty falls with a pool along the way.
Some fall foliage.
The aqua-blazed Righter Mine Trail comes out into a power cut ...
... with a pylon full of turkey vultures.
A short walk from the end of the Righter Mine Trail on Split Rock Road meets back up with the blue-blazed Splitrock Loop Trail.
Splitrock Reservoir from the blue trail.

This marks a trail leaving to the right off of the blue-blazed trail to what I think is Double D Peak.
Some views at the top.
It made for a nice break spot.
Charlottesburg Road along the reservoir.
A cormorant on a rock way out in the reservoir.
There are always lots of puddles on Charlottesburg Road.
A couple that calls those puddles home.
Looking back towards the dam.

[  0.00]  From the parking lot, turn right and walk on Split Rock Road across the dam
[  0.30]  Immediately after crossing dam, turn left to the yellow-blazed Wildcat Ridge Trail (sign up ahead) then enter power cut
[  0.40]  Leave power cut into woods, descend and follow trail to the right as it joins a woods road
[  0.65]  Left on white when white crosses over just before yellow NO TRESPASSING sign
[  0.70]  At top of hill, turn left on blue at the triple blue blazes
[  1.35]  Cross woods road
[  1.45]  Cross woods road then keep left as a woods road veers right (not marked)
[  1.65]  Rock hop over creek then turn right on the aqua-blazed Righter Mine Trail (woods road)
[  1.90]  Keep right at fork
[  2.05]  Keep straight when woods road comes in from left at metal shed
[  2.10]  Watch for faint path to waterfall with pool on right (you will be able to see and hear the waterfall); retrace back to aqua, turn left on aqua and retrace
[  2.55]  Straight on aqua when blue crosses over
[  2.85]  Aqua leaves woods road as footpath to the right at turn blazes
[  3.00]  Cross over blue at a cairn
[  3.30]  Keep left at fork
[  3.35]  Veer right uphill then turn left to resume with aqua blazes when the blue trail is to the right
[  3.55]  Turn right into power cut and follow aqua along woods road through power cut
[  3.70]  When aqua Righter Mine Trail ends at Split Rock Road, turn right on Split Rock Road
                  *** Turn left on Split Rock Road back to parking for 4 mile hike.***
[  3.90]  At the far end of the next power cut, watch for the blue trail to enter woods on the left; left on blue
[  4.30]  Cross woods road
[  4.75]  Cross woods road
[  4.95]  Cross Charlottesburg Road
[  5.05]  Keep straight when a woods road goes left
[  5.95]  Turn right at tree with blue ribbon and 3 red thumbtacks, follow path marked with an occasional blue ribbon on a tree; at top of ascent follow cairns to the right to view; retrace
[  6.05]  Turn right on blue
[  6.85]  Turn left on woods road where blue crosses over with a cairn on either side of trail; woods road fizzles out but rock hop down creek bed towards the reservoir
[  6.95]  Left on gravel Charlottesburg Road just before reservoir; multiple paths to right with views
[  8.00]  Turn right on blue before yellow gate across Charlottesburg Road
[  8.10]  Cross woods road
[  8.25]  Keep right at fork
[  8.60]  Cross woods road
[  9.00]  Turn right on Split Rock Road
[  9.30]  Back at parking lot

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  1. Im looking forward to hiking Split rock.... I'm just waiting for it to cool down alil. When i was a kid i'd sneak in there to fish lol