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Monday, January 3, 2011

Harriman State Park, NY - Lake Skannatati/Lake Askoti/Hansenclever Mine/Old Cemetery

ABOUT THE PARK:  Harriman State Park

GPS 41.242389,-74.102401

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TRAIL MAP:  NY/NJ Trail Conference Norther Harriman Bear Mountain Trails Map 119

HIKE DISTANCE:  6.2 miles

I had intended to follow the 8.4 mile Red Cross/Beech Trail and Long Path Loop from Lake Skannatati as described on the NY/NJ Trail Conference site but had to reroute to avoid following bear tracks in the snow, cutting off a little over 2 miles of the loop.

From the parking lot start steeply uphill on the inverted red triangle trail.
Near the top of the climb watch for the red cross trailhead and make note of where it is as you will be backtracking to that trail soon.  Continue straight ahead to a view of Lake Skannatati.
Backtrack a very short distance and turn left on the red cross trail.
Cross over Seven Lakes Drive then past Lake Askoti on the right.
Cross the inlet stream to Lake Askoti:
At 2.3 miles reach an intersection with the Hansenclever Road (woods road).  The water filled pit is what remains of the main opening of the Hansenclever Mine.
At this point to follow the NY/NJ Trail Conference directions you would turn left to continue on the red cross trail.  The only prints in the snow going in that direction, however, were these...
Seems all of the human footprints turned around and headed back at this point.  Not wanting to follow behind a bear I turned right on the unmarked Hansenclever Road instead.  This cut off a little over 2 miles of the loop.  At 3.05 miles I met up with the blue-blazed Beech Trail as it crossed over Hansenclever Road.  A right turn on the blue trail put me where I needed to be to continue following the NY/NJ Trail Conference directions.
At 3.45 miles arrive at an old cemetery with tombstones dated in the 1800's.
At 5.05 miles turn right on the aqua-blazed Long Path.
At 6.10 miles cross over Seven Lakes Drive and walk along Lake Skannatati back to the parking lot.

[  0.00]  Take inverted red triangle trail (to the right of the aqua Long Path) from parking lot
[  0.30]  Arrive at scenic overlook; backtrack short distance to red cross trail
[  0.35]  Left on red cross trail
[  0.85]  Cross over Seven Lakes Drive
[  1.60]  Cross power cut
[  2.05]  Cross over wooden foot bridge
[  2.10]  Left on red cross trail where unmarked trail comes in from the right
[  2.35]  Hansenclever mine; turn right on Hansenclever Road (woods road)
[  3.05]  Right on blue-blazed Beech Trail
[  3.45]  Old cemetary on right
[  4.40]  Blue trail leaves woods road on foot path to the left
[  4.50]  Cross over Route 106
[  5.05]  Blue trail terminates; turn right on aqua-blazed Long Path
[  5.65]  Right on Route 106 for 250 ft then continue on aqua-blazed Long Path to the left
[  5.90]  Cross power cut
[  6.10]  Cross over Seven Lakes Drive
[  6.20]  Arrive back at parking lot

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fairy Stone State Park, VA - Little Mountain Loop

Fairy Stone State Park - Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

GPS Coordinates 36.797030, -80.112268

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Large parking lot on opposite side of road from trails.  Trails are walking distance from the cabins.

Cabins at this park are pet-friendly.  I stayed in Cabin 12.  These cabins are older, built in the 1930's by the CCC.  Click here for more information on cabin rentals.
Out the back door of the cabin, Fairy Stone Lake was just a few steps away.
Fairy Stone Lake early in the morning.
Fairy Stone Lake at sunset.

Fairy Stone State Park Trail Guide - Virginia State Parks 

Hikes from base camp at Fairy Stone State Park: 

Little Mountain -

To start hiking, cross the street from the parking lot, ascend the stone steps and keep straight on the white-blazed Beach Trail.
The blue-blazed Turkey Ridge Trail.
Fairy Stone Lake from the Lakeshore Trail.
The Lakeshore Trail continues across the dam between Fairy Stone Lake and Philpott Lake before it ends.
Spotted Sandpipers at the dam.
Fairy Stone Lake from the dam.
Mallards in Fairy Stone Lake.
Orange-blazed Little Mountain Falls Trail.
Little Mountain Falls
Blue Ridge Mountain view from the Little Mountain Falls Trail.
A harmless Eastern Milk Snake on the Little Mountain Falls Trail.

[0.00]    From parking lot cross road and go up 3 stone steps to trail head at the kiosk; continue straight on white-blazed Beach Trail
[0.10]    Left on yellow-blazed Lakeshore Trail
[0.25]    At intersection post turn right, go few steps turn right at next post, turn right at next post on blue-blazed Turkey Ridge Trail when the yellow-blazed Lakeshore Trail goes left
[0.50]    Keep left on blue-blazed Turkey Ridge Trail when orange-blazed Little Mountain Falls Trail goes right
[0.55]    Keep left on blue-blazed Turkey Ridge Trail when blue-blazed Turkey Ridge also goes right
[0.80]    Keep right as yellow-blazed Lakeshore Trail joins in from left; left on yellow Lakeshore Trail when blue Turkey Ridge leaves to the right
[1.10]    Bench with lake view on left, few steps later keep straight when blue-blazed Turkey Ridge Trail comes in from the right (now blazed both blue and yellow)
[1.30]    Keep straight on yellow-blazed Lakeshore Trail when Turkey Ridge Trail leaves to the right
[1.50]    End of dam with lake views; retrace
[1.70]    Turn left on blue-blazed Turkey Ridge Trail when yellow-blazed Lakeshore Trail goes straight
[2.50]    Make sharp left turn at intersection on blue Turkey Ridge Trail when Turkey Ridge Trail also goes straight
[2.55]    Make sharp left turn on orange-blazed Little Mountain Falls Trail when blue Turkey Ridge Trail goes right
[2.65]    Turn left on orange-blazed Little Mountain Falls Trail when orange goes right also
[3.15]    Keep left on orange trail with staff access trail comes in from right
[3.50]    Short side trail on left to waterfalls; retrace and continue right on orange trail
[4.15]    Blue Mountain Vista at bench
[4.50]    Turn right on orange trail when paved Mountain View Trail passes on left
[5.40]    Keep straight on orange at a clearing where staff access is to the right and Mountain View Trail is to the left
[5.65]    Turn right at sign post towards trailhead still on orange
[5.75]    Make sharp left turn on orange when orange also goes right (completion of Little Mountain Falls Trail loop)
[5.80]    Keep straight on blue-blazed Turkey Ridge when blue-blazed Turkey Ridge goes right also
[6.05]    Turn left on yellow-blazed Lakeshore Trail towards trailhead; few steps later left on yellow Lakeshore Trail
[6.15]    Turn right on white-blazed Beech Trail when left goes to campground
[6.25]    Cross paved road back to parking lot

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Long Pond Ironworks State Park, NJ - Big Beech Mountain and Jennings Hollow

Long Pond Ironworks State Park - NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Long Pond Ironworks - Friends of Long Pond Ironworks
Tranquility Ridge County Park - Passaic County, NJ

GPS Coordinates 41.145368, -74.297161

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Room for a few cars on the left before the gate.

Big Beach Mountain - New Jersey 1K Club
Big Beach Mountain - Peakery

North Jersey Trails Map 115 - New York New Jersey Trail Conference
Long Pond Ironworks State Park, NJ - Big Beech Mountain and Jennings Hollow at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  7.6 miles

Start on the green Monks Connector Trail at the gate.
Cross over a couple of ugly pipes.
At first it is an overgrown field ...
... then a woods road.
At information sign #5 ...
... a 200-year-old tree.
When green ends, turn right on the yellow Hansenclever Trail.
At information sign #6 turn left on the woods road to Patterson Mine.
Unmarked woods road to Patterson Mine.
Creek crossing along the way.
Patterson Mine
Second water-filled mine shaft near the first.
Mine tailings.
Looks like a railroad track near the mine?
The woods road ends at the Highlands/Sterling Ridge Trail.
It gets swampy in places ...
... then a few scrambles up.
Views to the east at the top.
A little farther along the trail, partial views to the west.
Some partial views along the way a short bushwhack to the right.
Easy going along the ridge.
The cairn at the summit of Big Beech Mountain, a little to the left off of the trail.
We added a rock to the cairn.
On the summit of Big Beech Mountain.
Crossing into New York on the Highlands/Sterling Ridge Trail.
Not far into New York, left on the red-dash-on-white Lake-To-Lake Trail.
It starts out nice and smooth ...
... but becomes very swampy off and on.
There is a bridge for crossing Jennings Creek but some prefer to wade across.
Jennings Creek
At the intersection with the green trail (there is no green trail on the map) turn left on a woods road ...
... with faint yellow blazes.
This runs into the yellow-blazed Jennings Hollow Trail which is supposed to go either left or right but I never saw the intersection or a turn to the left so right it was.
Lots of swampy trail.
And lots of pretty and dry trail, too.
A beaver lodge in the swamp.
A wood duck.
A very pretty swamp with, surprisingly, no annoying bugs.  The dragonflies must have been keeping them away.
A puddle frog.
A swamp frog.
Did I mention how swampy parts of the trails are?
Watch for this intersection.  The yellow trail veers left here but it is very easy to continue straight on the more defined woods rood since there is no turn blaze and it appears you should stay on the woods road.
The yellow trail veers left and crosses the creek.  There are ropes but there is nothing under them to step on so not of much use.
I stepped on a wobbly rock and slid in with my left foot so what the heck, just waded on over with both feet the rest of the way.  It felt quite nice, actually.
There is a second rope over a second crossing which is of use but if you are already wet, what the heck?
Looking back down the swamp from the other side.
There should have been another intersection where yellow goes left (back around the loop) or straight (leg of the lollipop) but did not see that intersection either.
When yellow ends, left on Highlands/Sterling Ridge Trail then right on the woods road to Patterson Mine.
Road to Beech Farm leads from the Road to Patterson Mine back to ...
... information board #4 and the yellow Hansenclever Trail.
Somebody had lunch.
Slight problem at the bridge - it was way too long of a jump for Shawnee.  What to do?
She figured it out :)

[  0.00]  Follow the green-blazed trail through the gate then to the left

[  0.10]  Turn right on yellow when green ends; stop #5 a few steps ahead
[  0.50]  Turn left on unmarked woods road at stop #6 when yellow goes right
[  0.70]  Rock hop creek
[  0.75]  Turn left at T-intersection (looks like 4-way intersection on map but it is not) then look for woods road on right somewhat obscured by blow downs; keep right when another woods road goes sharply to the left
[  1.10]  Patterson mine off the trail to the left at mine tailings
[  1.35]  Right on teal/blue-dot-on-white trail
[  1.85]  Views at top of third rock scramble
[  2.25]  Summit of Big Beach Mountain on left on other side of blow down across trail
[  2.45]  Cross into New York
[  2.65]  Cross woods road not on map
[  2.70]  Turn left on red-line-on-white Lake-to-Lake Trail
[  3.65]  Cross bridge over Jennings Creek
[  3.95]  Turn left on trail with faded yellow blazes at triple green blazes
[  4.15]  Veer right on yellow trail (yellow markers) - should be an intersection but did not see the trail going to the left
[  5.00]  Watch for yellow trail veering left towards creek (no turn markers)  - do not continue on woods road - follow yellow markers to creek and rock hop or ford over
[  6.10]  At the end of yellow, turn left on teal/blue-dot-on-white
[  6.40]  Veer right on woods road to Patterson Mine when teal/blue-dot-on-white go left
[  7.00]  Turn right on woods road (Beech Farm woods road) at T-intersection
[  7.30]  Keep straight on yellow at stop #4
[  7.50]  Keep straight on green when yellow goes left
[  7.60]  Back at parking