Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lehigh Gorge State Park, PA - D&L Trail from Rockport to Hickory Run

Lehigh Gorge State Park - Pennsylvania DCNR

GPS Coordinates to Rockport Access 40.96575, -75.75699
Paved parking lot on the right driving in (this is looking back at it while heading downhill to the trail).
Parking is somewhat confusing because to the left before this sign and bridge there is a gravel lot which turns out to be overflow parking.  The sign leads you to believe there is no parking beyond the bridge but that is where the paved lot is, the other side of the bridge, up a way on the right. There is no parking at the bottom of the road where the trail is.

Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail Map - Pennsylvania DCNR
Trail Section: Lehigh Tannery – Rockport -  Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor
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HIKE DISTANCE:  11 miles (5.5 miles each way)

It's steep going down the road after the parking lot and I already knew I was not getting Shawnee and the stroller back up that hill but since you can drive to the bottom to load boats, figured I'd try to find a way to drive down to load Shawnee and the stroller at the end.
A lovely creek rages along the road.
Hang a hard left at the bottom ...
... to some cascades from that creek.
Heading towards the Delaware & Lehigh Trail.
To the right, Glen Onoko.
We turned left and crossed the bridge.
Shawnee walked the first 2.5 miles.
Rhododendron was in full bloom.
Up ahead at the bridge ...
Buttermilk Falls
After about 1.5 miles she actually acted like she wanted to get in the stroller but my plan was to make her walk longer in hopes it would make her more cooperative about getting in.
Old railroad ties along the trail.
My plan worked.  No muzzle and she got right in without biting at the stroller and fighting me.  Whew.
I noticed some ruins off to the right and a short distance ahead ...
... signs to a trail which I just had to follow so ...
... I secured Shawnee in the stroller at the signs and ran down the trail.
At the bottom, a nice view of the Lehigh River with Mud Run coming in under the bridge on the other side.
Then a side trail over to Lock 22.
Heading back very quickly to find ...
... Shawnee sound asleep.
Continuing on.
Our turn around point at Hickory Run.
Heading back.
I left Shawnee again briefly to check out some ruins I had seen before but there were at least 30 bikers stopped there so I waited until the way back when they were gone.
That short, steep downhill trail leads to ruins more impressive than Lock 22.  These walls are massive.
We ran into another blog follower.  That is always so cool!  We stopped to chat and take pictures with Shawnee.  (I forgot to ask what your Harriman blog is called.  If you see this can you put it in the comments?  Thanks!)
She took my picture with Shawnee.  What a nice, unexpected visit!
Another damselfly- there were lots along the way.  One landed on my hand but not long enough to take a picture.
Shawnee got antsy so where before I would not let her out of the stroller again since it was so hard to get her in, this time I let her out to walk a bit more since she was so good about going in.
She went right back in like a good girl after another mile of walking.
It's so nice when she is acting more like her old self instead of old and crotchety.
Rafters in the Lehigh River.  It suddenly gets very loud with all of the hooting and hollering since they come in large groups with the rafting service but once they pass it's peace and quiet again.  Does look like a lot of fun, though.

Back at where we got on the trail, tons of people and buses to pick up rafters.
Because that steep road down is only wide enough for 1 car at a time, park rangers are posted at either end and radio one another to let cars and buses get through that come down to load and unload.  I asked the park ranger if I could leave Shawnee there and run up to get my car.  Sort of an odd request, I am sure, but he was OK with it so I ran up the hill to get the car leaving Shawnee and the stroller..
Back with the car and all loaded up, waiting for the park ranger to give the all clear for me to drive back up.  That worked beautifully.
Driving back up.
The park ranger at the top at the parking lot.
Driving by overflow parking which at this time of day extends all along the grassy area up to the park sign.  Definitely a place you want to arrive at early.


  1. What gorgeous pictures you got! It's so nice that Shawnee can go with you in the stroller and walk some of the way. She's a love. God Bless you that you take her in the stroller. I'm sure it is not easy. Thanks for sharing! Joanne from NJ

  2. It is so great that Shawnee has the option of the stroller. If its of any interest, Amazon has many kinds of portable clip on battery operated fans to cool off strollers. Some indicate that they can be used for baby strollers, etc. They may be helpful on the hot humid days that are starting to happen this time of year.

    1. Thanks! I was going to look for such a fan but then I realized she won't be going out on hot humid days at all because she can't handle the heat at all any more. We'll just have to hope for cold air from Canada every so often.