Sunday, May 7, 2017

Delaware Canal State Park, PA - Riegelsville to Roosevelt Recreation Area

Delaware Canal State Park, PA - PA DCNR

GPS Coordinates  40.59480, -75.18976
Parking on the New Jersey side of the Riegelsville Bridge.

Delaware Canal State Park, PA - PA DCNR
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HIKE DISTANCE:  6.3 miles (3.15 miles each way)

When I hiked the previous section almost exactly one month ago, there were no leaves on the trees. What a difference a month makes! 
Leaves on trees except this particular tree in the parking lot where a female red-winged blackbird was singing her little heart out.
The Riegelsville Bridge from the parking lot on River Road.
Riegelsville Bridge
The car part has that grate surface but the pedestrian part is nice composite planks.
Easy for wheelchairs even if one tire is flat, although it does not look it.  Filled it up last night, flat again this morning.  New inner tube on the to do list.
Delaware River looking north from the bridge.
At the Pennsylvania side of the bridge, veer right to the crosswalk, cross over then veer left...
... through this gravel lot over to the concrete walk to the footbridge.
On the concrete walk looking back at the Riegelsville Bridge.
Just before crossing the bridge, right at the welcome sign ...
... and down a flight of steps that were not as bad as they look from this angle.  The rise is low so it was easy enough to do in the wheelchair with assistance.
Heading north on the canal path.
Everything is green now and birds were much harder to see but there were so many of them I got quite a few.
Song Sparrow
Lots to sniff, too.  It's a popular dog walking place.
This side is not as manicured and much less crowded than the D&R on the NJ side.  We like it better this way.
A footbridge over the canal.
The Delaware River comes into view on the right.
Here we are right between the canal on the left and the Delaware River on the right.
Black-and-white Warbler
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Route 611 comes closer and traffic gets a little loud but I was too busy trying to find birds to notice much.
Song Sparrow
Male American Goldfinch
Looking north up the Delaware River with Raubs Island on the right.
Mile 52
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Male Brown-headed Cowbird
Another male American Goldfinch.  There were tons of these around.
Tons of song sparrows, too.
Female Brown-headed Cowbird
Theodore Roosevelt Recreation Area and Locks No. 22 & 23 where we started last month doing the section north of this one.
Taking a break before heading back.
The ladies' room and men's rooms were closed, the center accessible restroom was open.
This is why they were closed.  What is wrong with people? 
Heading back now with the canal on the right and the Delaware River on the left.
American Robin
Looking south down the Delaware River.
Gray Catbird
I think this is a female American Goldfinch.
A song sparrow singing.
These two must be nesting because they were very obsessed with that spot and did not fly off like all the other ducks did when we passed.
5% chance of rain?  How about 100% chance of rain?  It poured and the camera was zipped up inside my rain jacket.
After the downpour - one very wet and not amused dog.
Going under the road ...
... to the pedestrian bridge ...
... and up the steps.
Back on the Riegelsville Bridge.
The rain cloud that got us.
All dried off and just damp now.


  1. Hi Daniela -- what an absolutely gorgeous section of trail! I've walked/biked a few sections on the NJ side, but I have yet to check out the PA side, and this looks like a fantastic place to start! (I may have checked out a section near Bulls Island Recreation Area, but I was running out of time; I had just ridden the 3-mile section between Prallsville Mills and Bulls Island. I walked about halfway across a bridge; there was a nice-looking restaurant on the PA side...perhaps another interesting place to check out! :)

    As always, great shots of the birds. I'm glad you pointed out the Gray Catbird, because I was at Taylor Wildlife Preserve (Cinnaminson, NJ) last Sunday, and I got a shot of two of these guys sitting on a branch. I'm wondering -- are these the ones that make a call that sounds like a monkey?

    If they ever catch the "people" who would vandalize the restrooms, they should be put on community those restrooms!

    On a lighter note -- not only did Shawnee look ticked off after that rain...I could almost sense her getting ready to unload a few 4-letter words! What a face -- speaks volumes without, barking a word!

    As always, thank you for the wonderful blog; I think I may just check this place out sometime this year! Happy Hiking!

    -- Jim

    1. Thanks, Jim! I definitely recommend doing the PA side. Route 611 runs a little close at times but there are also sections that feel very remote. I was thinking the same thing about those vandals. I think they should clean porta potties, too.


  2. Hi Daniela,
    I enjoy your column. You have shown me many places I hope to explore myself. Your pictures are great. What camera gear do you use?

    1. Thanks, Walter! I use a Canon PowerShot SX60 HS. The zoom is amazing and it does take some very good pictures but my one complaint is I miss out on a lot of shots because I can't get it to focus on what I want it to focus on. With birds, for example, it will focus on leaves in front of the bird, but not the bird. Then I shut it off and turn it back on again, which sometimes solves the problem, but then the bird is long gone. Can be frustrating!


  3. I enjoy your blog so much! I discovered it by chance about a month ago, and now I find myself looking forward to the latest post arriving in my inbox on Monday mornings. With all of your gorgeous photos, it almost feels like I'm there. Even my 9-year-old daughters, who have always complained that hiking is "boring," are interested in finding some of these trails. Thank you for a wonderful blog. --Sarah

    1. That is so neat! Thanks for letting me know.


  4. Hi Daniela! Looks like a great place to hike. You got some beautiful photos as usual. Poor Shawnee got soaked in the rain. I know I felt the same way on Sunday as I headed out to hike. 0 to 5% chance of rain and then it pours.:( Oh well. Thanks for sharing! Joanne from NJ

    1. Thanks, Joanne. On hikes like that I should throw an umbrella in my backpack to hold over Shawnee. I'll have to do that from now on. Can't trust the forecasts at all!