Sunday, April 9, 2017

Delaware Canal State Park, PA - Locks 22, 23 to Wy-Hit-Tuk County Park

Delaware Canal State Park, PA - PA DCNR

GPS Coordinates  40.62752, -75.19130
Parking at Locks 22, 23
I had intended to park at Wy-Hit-Tuk County Park (40.66885, -75.18376) but it was gated at 7:30 AM and there was a big "NO PETS ALLOWED" sign.  More on that later.  But I just drove on to the next parking area which would have been our turnaround point anyway and reversed the hike.

Delaware Canal State Park, PA - PA DCNR
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HIKE DISTANCE:  7.5 miles (3.75 miles each way)

Looking south towards the Theodore Roosevelt Recreation Area.
We headed north towards Wy-Hit-Tuk County Park.
The first mile or so goes right next to back yards, some of which are quite cute.
Looks like this guy has a tipped ear which makes him a neutered feral.
A balloon down in the canal on the other side, not reachable so I had to leave it.
The one wheelchair obstacle, steps up and down on the other side.  However, there is a bypass to the right for the flight up...
... which left the flight down for the wheelchair, generally easier than up.
Stopping to smell the flowers?  I doubt it.  Must be pee mail.  Lots of dogs are walked here so it was constant stopping to sniff.
Lots of bridges over to Route 611 but no parking.
Birds were out in full force today, doing what it is they do on a beautiful spring day. This little palm warbler is passing through migrating to breeding grounds in Canada.
At the time this picture was taken nobody could know that a couple of hours later there would be an accident right at that blue billboard as we were heading back.
American Goldfinch
Red-tailed Hawk
On the other side of Route 611 are ruins ...
... and waterfalls.
The geese were cursing up a storm at Shawnee, who could care less about them.
Red-winged Blackbird
I asked a man coming off of this bridge (with a, gasp, DOG!) if that was the way to Wy-Hit-Tuk Park and he answered yes.
Sigh.  We tried but there was that sign so ...
back to the canal path.
A white-breasted nuthatch with nesting materials.
The park on the other side of the canal.
The other bridge into that park.  But no NO PETS ALLOWED signs to be seen here.
Opposite the bridge are two picnic tables so we took a break here and saw two more people with dogs come and go from the park.
I asked the third what the deal was with no pets allowed and she said they all walk there with their dogs every day and as long as you pick up after them, nobody says anything.  OK then, let's go.
Tip-toeing through the forbidden Wy-Hit-Tuk County Park.
It's a paved path along picnic areas heading back south.  After the picnic areas the path is gravel.
For pets not being allowed, it sure did take us forever go get though this park for having to stop to let Shawnee sniff pee-mail.
Every. Single. Tree.
Canoer Camping
Back at that first bridge that went into the park.
Northern Mockingbird
Chipping Sparrow
A lousy picture of a house finch.
An even lousier picture of a Norther Flicker.
A mile marker.
So happy to see spring finally arriving.
Delaware River
So now coming back by that blue billboard I mentioned earlier, all kinds of emergency vehicles - police, fire trucks, ambulances.  It appeared to have been a collision with a car and a motorcycle.  I did, in fact, see a Harley still on the side of the road on my way home after everything else was gone.
New Jersey homes on the other side of the Delaware River.
Since the spillway was dry, we took that instead of the bridge for a change of pace.
Coming back up on the parking area.
Northern Rough-winged Swallow.


  1. Excellent adventure today! Glad you were able to sneak into Wy-Hit-Tuk County Park. (Never heard of this one before!)

    That! He was all..."You *will* keep walking, and I'm *NOT* asking you!"

    Excellent shot of the Red-winged Blackbird (my favorite bird)! I can almost hear him doing his signature call ("cong-a-LEEEE!!!")

    Shawnee is the coolest dog I've ever seen -- love the way she is so cool when other wildlife (the Canadian Geese, in this case) try to intimidate her! Hey -- all she ever wants is a pleasant walk in the park -- ya know??

    Anyway -- glad spring is finally beginning to settle in for good! (Will be more like summer over the next two days, actually!) Can't wait for your next adventure!

    -- Jim

    1. Yes, I was a little concerned that the cat was going to stand his ground and let me tell you, those claws are no match for a dog as Shawnee has experienced (and never forgotten) in her younger days. The upmost respect for cats, she has :) But the cat did bolt at the last minute. I think the wheelchair got him all kinds of confused.

  2. I've never heard pee-mail before :D
    Every. Single. Tree :D

    Jim Red-winged Blackbird is my favorite bird also :)

    The Canadian Geese here in Oregon hollered at me while fishing some local ponds today Shawnee. I came around a bush onto a nesting mom. Dad came out of nowhere throwing a hissy fit. Many new families around also.

    Looks like you two had a lovely Spring day on the Delaware. Sure brighter and more full of life than those Pine Barren walks you've been doing.

    Thanks much for sharing. Always a pleasure to stop by. Makes me feel like I'm back home :)

    Love to you both,
    Eddie W

    1. And now you know what pee-mail is :) You are in Oregon? How nice! Have never been but the pictures I have seen are spectacular. You can't be missing NJ too much, can you?

  3. I have never hiked the PA side! I'll have to add it to my list :)

    1. It seems to be much less crowded than the NJ side and I like the path better, not as manicured as in NJ.

  4. Looks like a great place to hike. You got some beautiful pictures of birds. I'm glad Shawnee was able to join you. Thanks for Sharing! Joanne from NJ

  5. Last time we hiked the PA side, it was in horrendous condition & they were just starting improvements. Boy, the Jersey side now pales by comparison! Worth another visit when my knee could use a little flatter trail. ;) As always, it makes us so happy to see Miss Shawnee catching up on all those great trail sniffs.


    1. Yes, I do recall that in the past the trail was in bad shape. When I hiked at Bull's Island last fall a biker told me it was really nice all the way up to Easton so thought I'd give it a shot. Stay tuned because Shawnee has some sniffing in VA coming up. She is stoked.