Friday, April 28, 2017

Twin Lakes State Park, VA - Prince Edward Lake Loop

Twin Lakes State Park - Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

GPS Coordinates 37.17294, -78.27889
Parking on the grass just off of Goodwin Lake Road along the beach access road.
Car passes issued at the time of registration for cabins or camping are valid for parking at all Virginia State Parks, otherwise there is a $4 parking fee.

Twin Lakes State Park Trail Guide - Virginia DCR
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HIKE DISTANCE:  4.1 miles

From parking walk back to Goodwin Lake Road, turn right, walk a short distance on Goodwin Lake Road, then turn left on Between The Lakes Trail.
We'll be heading left on the Otter's Path Trail but first we continued straight on Between the Lakes Trail since it was a short trail.
It ends at an overlook on the lake.
Prince Edward Lake
Heading back then right on the Otter's Path Trail.
Another hiker passed us by which was nice since I am always the one having to knock down spider webs this early in the morning.
It is a very pretty and peaceful trail and perfect for Shawnee in her wheelchair.
The Otter's Path Trail crosses over one road, Cedar Crest Road, and continues through the field back into the woods.
We left the Otter's Path Trail turning right on Beaver Point Trail.
At the overlook, out of the wheelchair for a little break.
Wow, that's a lot of turtles.  I count 38.
Back on the Otter's Path Trail.
Last night's rain.  Fortunately it stormed in the middle of the night but was all clear in the morning.
A left on Between the Lakes Trail...
... and right on Goodwin Lake Road to the first left up ahead ...
... back to our car.

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