Thursday, April 27, 2017

High Bridge Trail State Park, VA - High Bridge

High Bridge Trail State Park, VA - Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

GPS Coordinates 37.32396, -78.33719
River Road Parking
Car passes issued at the time of registration for cabins or camping are valid for parking at all Virginia State Parks, otherwise there is a $4 parking fee.

High Bridge Trail State Park Trail Guide - Virginia DCR
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HIKE DISTANCE:  3.25 miles total to the other side of High Bridge and back

A path leads out of the parking lot to the trail.
Restrooms are not open at 7:15 AM
Crossing River Road,
It's a straight shot out to the bridge and back.
An old railroad mile marker.
Coming up on High Bridge.
An accessible trail for human and dog.
Along the way there are bump outs where you can take in the scenery.
Virginia countryside from the bridge.
A dog's-eye view.
The Appomattox River down below looking west...
... and looking east.
Appomattox River under the bridge.
This cardinal sat there for a very long time letting me take his picture.  Being at tree top level, it was easy to photograph him.
And he apparently felt safe enough to stay there.
At the far end of High Bridge.
Heading back.
Birds apparently love perching on the High Bridge railing.
Coming off of High Bridge ...
... and heading back.
Back at River Road parking.


  1. Looks like a great place. You had the bridge all to yourselves! Thanks for sharing! Joanne from NJ

    1. We did have it all to ourselves. One man passed us on a bike and that was it but when we returned to the parking lot, others were starting to arrive.