Sunday, April 2, 2017

Elk Neck State Park, MD - Lighthouse Trail

Elk Neck State Park - Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Turkey Point Lighthouse - Maryland Department of Natural Resources

GPS Coordinates 39.45973, -76.00581
I arrived at 8:45 AM and the lot was almost full already.

Elk Neck State Park Trail Map - Maryland Department of Natural Resources
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HIKE DISTANCE:  3 miles (official distance is 1.8 but we explored)
Hiked together with Nottingham County Park, PA (4.15 miles) half an hour drive away.

The trail starts as a gravel road from the parking lot.
Views of the Chesapeake Bay early on.
Short side trails to the top of the bluffs.
When the gravel becomes too hard on the paws, there is grass.
Mowed paths around a field on the left at the Hawk Watch but decided to do that on the way back.
Must not have been peak viewing time because there was not one single hawk.
Coming up on the lighthouse.
I decided to veer right not realizing ...
...  that is where the Lighthouse Trail continued around in a loop.  I thought it was to the left of the lighthouse. I was wrong. 
This part is a pretty rugged footpath but with nice views of the Chesapeake Bay.
Before going inland, a grassy area at water level.
We continued on and came out right at the Hawk Watch area.  Again, decided on that on the return route but since it was not far ...
... back to the lighthouse to explore the left side of that area.
Cormorants on a buoy.
Over to the left on this side is Elk River.
Back at the Hawk Watch, taking those mowed paths around the field.
Heading back to the parking lot.

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