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Bear Creek Lake State Park, VA - All Trails

Bear Creek Lake State Park - Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

This hike starts and ends at Cabin 5.   If not staying in a cabin, there is parking at the beach where the Channel Cat Trail crosses over and this hike can be started from that point also.
Parking where the Channel Cat Trail crosses. (37.52829, -78.270407)
Car passes issued at the time of registration for cabins or camping are valid for parking at all Virginia State Parks, otherwise there is a $4 parking fee.

Bear Creek Lake State Park Trail Guide - Virginia DCR
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HIKE DISTANCE:  7.5 miles

This hike captures just about every trail in the park.
Where else can you saddle up for hiking ...
... and roll right out the front door at 7 AM ...
... down a ramp ...
... and on a hiking trail?  For us this is a luxury!
After the previous day of rain, this turned out to be a gorgeous day.
The trail from the cabin leads to the Otter Trail which ends at the Lost Barr Trail where we turned left.
Morning fog rising away from the lake.
The Lost Barr Trail turns left and goes uphill.
Crossing over Kingfisher Road.
Crossing over Blue Heron Drive.
Every time we hike in Virginia, Shawnee wears her bandana which says "Virginia is for dog Lovers."
So peaceful hiking along the creek.

A creek crossing.
Shawnee can wade on over.
Now on the Lakeside Trail.
There were some tricky spots on this trail (tricky for Shawnee, not everyone else) so I would have to maneuver her through without the wheelchair...
... then park her (she cannot get up from a sitting position without help) and go back for the wheelchair.
Crossing Bear Creek on the Bear Creek Forest Road which is also the Cumberland Multi-Use Trail.
Bear Creek Lake
True to its name, the Lakeside Trail follows along the lake.
Sadly I saw a lot of this along the lake.  The fishing line and hooks are so dangerous for wildlife.
This one I was able to reach, untangle, pack out and dispose of properly.
The Lakeside Trail ends at the Channel Cat Trail at this bridge.
We turned left on the Channel Cat Trail crossing the bridge.
A short distance ahead, steps up to the beach area parking lot which would be another starting point for this hike.
The beach.
A couple of off season beach goers.
Passing by a camping area.
Unmarked side trails go to the top of the dam.
Continuing on the Channel Cat Trail leads to the bottom of the dam.
The Channel Cat Trail continues over a bridge...
... then across the street.
Taking a break.
On the Kestrel Trail ...
... back to the Lakeside Trail ...
... over a long bridge...
... to the Quail Ridge Trail.
The Quail Ridge Trail appears to be a lesser used trail but it makes a nice connection to the Cumberland Multi-Use Trail.
Turning right on the Cumberland Multi-Use Trail.
Leaving the Cumberland Multi-Use Trail ...
... on the Beaver Run Trail.
Then a repeat of a short section of the Lost Barr Trail ...
... but staying left at the creek crossing to the Lakeside Trail where we were earlier.
A side trail to the right off of the Lost Barr Trail leads to a picnic table overlooking the lake.
Back on the Lost Barr Trail to finish up our loop.
Looking back over at the beach.
A left on the Otter Trail...
... back to our cabin.
Heading in for lunch...
... and a nap. 
Later that evening we had company.  Who could this be?
It's our friend Nancy who is the Visitor Services Director at Virginia State Parks coming for a visit and to bring dinner!  We hadn't seen each other in years and had a lovely visit.

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