Saturday, October 10, 2015

Minisink Battleground Park, NY

Minisink Battleground Park - Sullivan County, NY
Minisink Battleground Park - Minisink Valley Historical Society
Trails of the Upper Delaware River Valley - National Park Service

GPS Coordinates  41.487069, -74.970041
Minisink Battleground Park parking lot.

Orientation Map - Minisink Valley Hisorical Society
The trails are not blazed but intersections are all marked.  I colored the trails on the map to better distinguish them.
Minisink Battleground Park, NY at EveryTrail

These three hikes all done in one day along with a scenic drive from one to the other.
Mongaup Valley WMA, NY - Mongaup River Trail - 2.3 miles
     drive 8.3 miles/20 minutes to Plank Road Viewing Area (41.52152, -74.76094)
     drive 4.1 miles/9 minutes to Route 43 Viewing Area (41.55491, -74.78505)
     drive 16.2 miles/26 minutes to
Minisink Battleground Park, NY - 2 miles
     drive 24 miles/41 minutes to
Huckleberry Ridge State Forest, NY (not part of the Upper Delaware NPS trails) - 4.3 miles

Head towards the Interpretive Center to access the trails.
I turned right to start on the Battleground Trail which leads to the Woodland Trail.  The Quarry Trail was my return route.
Left on the Woodland Trail a short distance ahead.
This is about what all of the trails look like.
There is gravel must mostly covered with moss.
Very easy on the paws.
Trails intersections have signs but they can be a little confusing.  This looks like it's a connector trail to the Battleground Trail on the map but we stayed on the Woodland Trail.
On to the Rockshelter Loop.
From the Rockshelter Trail back to continue a short distance on the Woodland Trail to the Battlefield Trail.
Hospital Rock
On to Sentinel Rock.
Sentinel Rock
The Battlefield Trail continues on to the Minsink Monument.
Take one of the connector trails (hand drawn in on the map above) back to the Battlefield Trail ...
... Old Quarry Trail.
Indian Rock at the beginning of the Old Quarry Trail.
Old Quarry Trail
The end of the Old Quarry Trail back at the interpretive center.


  1. I have so enjoyed your hikes. Since I'm partially disabled, I haven't been able to get on the trails, but you hikes have given me quite a bit of vicarious pleasure. I do some hike editing and posting for, so I'll be adding some links to your site on occasion, unless you object.

    1. Thanks, and no objections at all, Ken! I never seem to have the time to write up the hikes for the trail conference any more so if this helps, feel free to link!