Saturday, September 26, 2015

Western Catskills, NY - Andes Rail Trail and Bullet Hole Spur

Andes Rail Trail - Andes Works!

GPS Coordinates 42.18689, -74.78904
There is only room for 1-2 cars at the gate but space for several more along the shoulder of the road.

Andes Rail Trail Brochure - Andes Works!
Andes Rail Trail and Bullet Hole Spur, NY at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  3.9 miles
Hiked together with Trout Pond/Mud Pond Loop (about 45 minutes away) - 5.4 miles

Enter through the pergola...
... towards the depot building.
Sign the trail register, then ...
... straight ahead on the rail trail.
At the end of the rail trail, a little less then a mile, the trail continues as a yellow-blazed footpath.
The pictures don't capture just how beautiful these woods are.
Through an opening in the stone wall...
... to the loop part of the trail.
Through a beautiful old plantation.
Hemlocks above Bullet Hole Creek (which is private property but you can glimpse a cascade way down below through the trees.)
Completing the loop back at the old plantation.
And back through the hole in the wall to retrace back.
Back at the rail trail.
The Catskill High Peaks, where we have hiked many miles, on the drive home.  (Also saw a bald eagle flying in the opposite direction just before Margaretville.)

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