Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jug End State Reservation, MA

Jug End State Reservation -

GPS Coordinates 42.148412, -73.449890
Jug End State Reservation Parking Lot

South Taconic Trails - New York New Jersey Trail Conference
Mount Washington State Forest Trail Map (includes Jug End) -
Jug Handle State Reservation, MA at EveryTrail

A snapshot of the track in case EveryTrail goes down again.

Jug End Reservation - 4.5 miles
hiked together with
Catamount Ski Area and Taconic State Park - 4.2 miles

It's just a couple of miles of driving from the Catamount Ski Area hike to this hike so we took a break and had lunch before the second hike of the day.  Although hiking is for fun, it is also work, so Shawnee's lunch was "Working Dog Stew."
And off we went.  You can either go left or right at the barrier since it is a loop hike.
We chose right where you immediately cross a bridge over Fenton Brook.
The trail starts out smooth and wide.
It was even freshly mowed.  Seemed way too manicured for us after all of the overgrown trails we have been on here lately.
Cedar Waxwing
Still mowed!
There was a side trail down to Fenton Brook, much to Shawnee's delight.
Fenton Brook
Back on the trail.
Beautiful woods.
Several feeder streams flowing towards Fenton Brook cross over the trail so there are many wet areas along the way.
Loving all of these streams across the trail.
The NYNJTC map shows an unmarked woods road continuing on a longer loop but it is, in fact, a longer section of the trail.
Totally game to do the longer loop.
An old cabin just before the trail loops around to head back.
An older cabin nearby.
Sometimes the trail is a stream.
This crossing goes down steeply ...
... and up steeply on the other side.
We found a clearing off the trail up above Fenton Creek where we took a break.
This is what happens when you stop near the sound of falling water:

We had continued on our hike when something large and brown flew right over our heads across the trail. Thinking it was a hawk, I watched where he landed but when he turned to look at me, I saw it was not a hawk at all...
First time I have ever seen and photographed an owl.  It was so cool!
Having finished the Upper Loop, continuing on the Main Loop.
The trail intermittently goes through scenic fields then woods.
She says 'no thanks' to that makeshift bridge but it was muddy muck she walked through.
Fortunately, a second such crossing with clear water to rinse those paws off in.
Coming back out opposite from where we started at the parking lot.


  1. Amazing shot of the Barred Owl, he must have landed very close. I've never got that close a shot of one before. Always up in the tree with branches in the way.

    1. Thanks! He flew over very close so I was able to see where he went in the tree and fortunately it was a clear shot. I have 35x zoom on my camera so that helps!

  2. Beautiful photos, especially of the owl. That was amazing. The video of the waterfalls and Shawnee napping was wonderful also. I love seeing pictures of your hikes and of Shawnee. She is definitely a trooper. Thanks for Sharing. Joanne

  3. What a fantastic day of hiking you two had! Shawnee is one 'working dog' who certainly loves her job especially if includes some furs-wetting waters. Great scenery and that owl was incredible. Also totally loved the video of Shawnee napping to the sound of the rushing water and mini falls. Linda

  4. That old cabin (Catamount Cabin) used to belong to the Boy Scouts Fairfield County Chapter. Spent many a winter camping trip either in or around the cabin. Used to have a stuff bear over the fireplace and a franklin stove inside. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!, Done that hike in 2 feet of snow.

    1. Thanks for the for the info - very interesting! But I'll pass on doing it in 2 feet of snow. Ugh.