Friday, June 6, 2014

Woodbourne Forest and Wildlife Preserve, PA

Woodbourne Forest and Wildlife Preserve - The Nature Conservancy

GPS Coordinates  41.761191, -75.897856

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Parking right off of Route 29.

No online map.  There were paper maps and laminated maps in the display case in the pavillion.

Woodbourne Forest and Wildlife Preserve, PA at EveryTrail

Woodbourne Forest - 1.2 miles
There are many more miles of trails but since we had just hiked 7 miles at Salt Springs State Park we only hiked the yellow lollipop loop.

Access the trails at the northern end of the parking area parallel to Route 29,
The trail leads to a pavillion.
This would be the important notice.  We were only going to be hiking the yellow trail so it did not affect our hike.
Trails are clearly blazed - they all start together then eventually branch off.
A tunnel of greenery leads downhill ...
... into the woods.
The Runners Loop is not on the map but on Google Earth you can clearly see a woods road so that must be what this is.
Viewing platform at the swamp.  Blue leaves to the left here.  Red and Yellow will continue to the right.
It appears as though yellow/red is under water but no worries, it has been relocated to dry land so just ignore the blazes in the water.
All of the hemlocks are marked with tags.  Some have wire fencing around the trunks to prevent the beavers from taking them down.
There are some gorgeous old growth hemlocks in this area.
Beaver Dam
A great blue heron flew in ...
... and landed in a tree.  Until I uploaded the picture, I had no idea I had captured not one, but three herons in the tree!
Leaving the preserve, my GPS took me through some quiet, scenic back roads before reaching the interstate.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I couldn't find a trail map of the preserve on their website, but your post helped me plan my trip.

    1. Great! Glad you found the map here!