Friday, March 21, 2014

Abbott Marshlands, NJ - Bordentown Bluffs (part of Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park)


Although Bordentown Bluffs is part of the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park it is not mentioned on their site.

GPS Coordinates 40.161122, -74.703328

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Stanton Avenue dead ends at a utility building and it is plenty wide for on-street parking.

Abbott Marshlands - Bordentown Bluffs - NJ Trails Association
Abbott Marshlands - Bordentown Bluffs, NJ at EveryTrail

2.2 miles with some exploring at the northern end.
This was hiked in conjunction with Roebling Memorial Park, a short drive away.

Start of the trail on Stanton Avenue.
Blazes are spray painted - there is a red trail and a yellow trail.
At this T-intersection red goes left to the tidal beach (return route) and also to the right towards Orchard Avenue.
Where red ends and yellow starts.
You don't expect to see mountain laurel and rhododendron in these parts!
Some yellow with green blazes at the overlook.
The trail follows very closely along the edge of the bluff.
Crosswicks Creek
Approaching the overlook from a different direction, a climb up some tree roots to the top.
Heading back south.  The yellow-blazed trail goes farther into the woods where unmarked trails continue along the bluff.
Where the red trail ends ...
... a trail does continue for a while before you have to retrace to back to the sign.
The tidal beach,
Returning to Stanton Avenue on the woods road from the tidal beach around the utility buildings.


  1. Thanks! I hiked this last weekend. I missed the turn-off on Route 206 and had to navigate a confusing web of interchanges and highways. It was a lovely - albeit short - walk in a suburban area.

  2. We will try to correct this problem.