Sunday, October 27, 2013

Michaux State Forest, PA - Rocky Knob and Long Pine Run Reservoir

Michaux State Forest - Pennsylvania DCNR
Rocky Knob Trail - Pennsylvania DCNR

GPS Coordinates 39.978227, -77.441316

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There are about 5 parking spots on the left directly across Ridge Road from where the trail starts.  The car on the right is parked blocking the barrier so probably not advisable to park there.

Rocky Knob Trail - Beaver Trail - Pennsylvania DCNR
Map 2-3 Appalachian Trail Pennsylvania - Applachian Trail Conservancy 
Michaux State Forest, PA - Rocky Knob and Long Pine Run Reservoir at EveryTrail

Rocky Knob Trail - 4 miles
Rocky Knob Trail and Beaver Trail - 7.5 miles but can be more or less depending on distance hiked along Long Pine Run Reservoir

Sier Hill -
Rocky Knob -

This hike was done on the way to a hiking trip in Virginia.
The trail starts at the barrier directly across the street from the parking area.
A sign at the intersection where the trail crosses over the Appalachian Trail.
The Rocky Knob Trail is blazed in orange.
View of Long Pine Run Reservoir and Rocky Knob.  The April 1999 edition of Backpacker Magazine states "CAN'T MISS: The view from 1,930-foot Sier Hill, which takes in the Cumberland Valley to the west and Gettysburg to the east."  No such thing found - if there ever was such a view, it's overgrown now and this is the only view.
Descending Sier Hill and following the trail over to Rocky Knob.
Rocky Knob
At post #10 the trail splits.  Right completes the loop for the 4-mile hike.  Left connects to the Beaver Trail at scenic Long Pine Run Reservoir.
Taking a left down to the reservoir.
A rock hop over Birch Run.
Crossing Birch Run Road at the end of the orange-blazed Rocky Knob trail to the yellow-blazed Beaver Trail.
This is a very pretty pine needle covered trail along the reservoir.
Looking south at Long Pine Run Reservoir.
To the north, Rocky Knob.
The reservoir dam.
A very fresh ( looks like from the night before since wood chips are on top of leaves) beaver project.
Retracing on the Beaver Trail.
After crossing Birch Run Road, retrace on the orange-blazed Rocky Knob Trail.
Back at post #10, keep left on a long, gradual ascent.
Coming back to the intersection where the Appalachian Trail crosses over.
The Appalachian Trail
Back at the parking area.

[  0.00]  Cross gravel park road and continue on trail beyond gate
[  0.20]  Cross over the white-blazed Appalachian Trail at the Rocky Knob sign and continue on orange-blazed trail
[  0.45]  Veer left at fork on footpath at post #1, right is the return route
[  1.45]  View of Rocky Knob and Reservoir at post #6
[  2.20]  Rocky Knob on left at post #8
[  2.50]  Turn left at intersection with post #10, right is return route
[  3.00]  Rock hop over creek
[  3.10]  Cross over gravel Birch Run Road then descend steps on other side on yellow-blazed Beaver Trail
[  4.00]  Turn around point but can turn around any place along reservoir
[  4.95]  Cross over gravel Birch Run Road back to orange Rocky Knob Trail
[  5.10]  Rock hop over creek
[  5.60]  Keep left on orange at post #10
[  6.95]  Turn left at intersection with post #1
[  7.20]  Cross over Appalachian Trail
[  7.50]  Pass gate and cross gravel road back to parking


  1. Nicely presented.
    Thank you.

  2. Awesome - doing this on Monday! Thanks for taking the time to document.

  3. Is there somewhere to camp overnight along the lake?

    1. Sorry, I have no idea. It was 4 years ago since I was there and it isn't something I would have been looking for.