Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Harold N. Peek Preserve, NJ

Harold N. Peek  Preserve - Natural Lands Trust

GPS Coordinates 39.375985, -75.026397

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Visitor parking just after pulling in and before the gate.

Harold N. Peek Preserve Trail Map - Natural Lands Trust

3.25 miles
Hiked in together with:
Maurice River Bluffs Nature Preserve - 3.25 miles
Parvin State Park - 5.5 miles

Access road from visitor parking into the preserve.
Leave access road on sandy path to the right.
Interpretive sign at the beginning of the trail.
Trail marker.
Solar panels at the beginning of the River Overlook loop.
Trail along River Overlook.
View of Maurice River from River Overlook
Heading back, take the mossy trail to the right at the fork towards Jenkins Landing.
River views along the way.
Maurice River
145 ft. boardwalk over wetlands
View from the end of the boardwalk - Maurice River Bluffs Nature Preserve on the far side
Nesting osprey couple visible from boardwalk.
Heading back on the boardwalk.
Trail  to Red Cedar Overlook
Atlantic white cedar swamp.
View from Red Cedar Overlook.

[  0.00]  Proceed through gate on access road
[  0.25]  A footpath goes to the right, continue straight on access road
[  0.35]  At intersection with mossy path on the left, turn right on sandy path towards interpretive sign
[  0.50]  Arrive at clearing with solar panels, turn left for River Overlook loop which returns to same spot
[  0.70]  After completing River Overlook loop, retrace from the solar field
[  0.90]  Take right fork on mossy path
[  1.10]  Keep right at intersection and proceed to boardwalk
[  1.25]  End of boardwalk, retrace
[  1.35]  At intersection keep right
[  1.45]  Left at intersection with park office on the right
[  1.60]  Turn right on mossy trail opposite sandy trail with interpretive sign from earlier
[  2.10]  Keep right at fork
[  2.20]  Cross stream (easier to cross to the left)
[  2.45]  Cross stream on board
[  2.50]  Right at intersection
[  3.00]  Turn right on access road
[  3.25]  Back at visitor parking

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