Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve, NJ

Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve - Borough of Franklin Lakes

GPS Coordinates 40.975767, -74.195462

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Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve - New York New Jersey Trail Conference
Note:  The blue-blazed trail does not span across the lake as shown on the map.  It currently consists of two separate sections that do not connect.

HIKE DISTANCE:  2.3 miles

Facing the lake there is a kiosk on the right...
Turn left and cross the dam to start the hike on the white-blazed trail.
White-blazed trail around the lake.
A Red-winged Blackbird seen from the dam.
Part of the trail runs along a chain link fence between the lake and the road...
... but focusing on what is in the water drowns out the traffic noise.
Franklin Lake from the High Mountain Road side.
Irises along the lake.
Leave the trail briefly through an opening in the fence to cross on the road bridge, then reenter at the next fence opening.
After reentering through the fence opening, turn right on the blue-blazed trail for a short out-and-back.
High Mountain on the other side of the lake from the blue-blazed trail.
Back on the white-blazed trail, a rock hop over a creek.
When Dan Balogh did this hike on April 15, 2012, there were Canada goose nests with eggs.  I saw no goslings at all.  It is supposed to take 56 days for goslings to attain full plumage but it has only been 38 days since they were eggs - could they be this big already?
Another section of blue-blazed trail.
High Mountain from the blue-blazed trail.
Pine trees near the end of the white-blazed trail.
Picnic tables in a pretty pine area along the lake.
Watched the swan family from the picnic table.
After the children were tucked away with one parent, the other came back out and put on quite a show.

[  0.00]  Facing lake turn left and cross dam on white-blazed trail
[  0.75]  Leave trail to left through break in fence to cross bridge
[  0.80]  Reenter trail to right through fence opening on the other side of the bridge; turn right on blue-blazed trail
[  0.95]  End of blue-blazed trail; retrace
[  1.15]  Turn right on white at end of blue trail
[  1.25]  Rock hop over creek
[  1.55]  Turn right on blue-blazed trail
[  1.75]  End of blue-blazed trail; retrace
[  1.95]  Turn right on white when blue-blazed trail ends
[  2.30]  Picnic tables; back at parking lot


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    1. I actually did see your site right before I did this hike and your pictures were great, thanks!