Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Norvin Green State Forest, NJ: Osio Rock and Torne Mountain

Norvin Green State Forest - NJDEP
Camp Vacamas

GPS Coordinates 41.018698, -74.362042

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Camp Vacamas office and parking as seen from the blue-blazed Hewitt-Butler Trail.
Although the map shows marking at Camp Vacamas, when you pull in there are "No Trespassing" signs all over and I could see no indication of where hikers are allowed to park.  I went into the office and asked and the lady said I could pull on in and park in their lot but that in the summer they would not have any room for hiker parking at all.  So you might want to check before doing this hike during camp season or do this hike from Otter Hole as described by NJ Hiking.

New Jersey Highlands Trails Map 125 - NY/NJ Trail Conference (shows southern part)
North Jersey Trails Map 115 - NY/NJ Trail Conference (shows northern part)

Wyanokie Torne - New Jersey 1K Club
Torne Mountain - Peakery.com


I did not get a lot of pictures on this hike because there were 40 mph wind gusts so it was hard to stay up high taking pictures.  I had to move through rather quickly or risk being blown away!  This is a very scenic trail with many more views than what I am showing.
The blue-blazed Hewitt-Butler Trail starts directly across the drive from the camp office.
A pretty pine grove shortly after the start of the trail.
New York City skyline from Osio Rock.
Looking back at Osio Rock while ascending Torne Mountain - the New York City skyline is just to the right of Osio Rock.
A stone chair along the trail.  This is before reaching "The Stone Living Room".
"The Stone Living Room" reached by a short side trail to the right from the blue-blazed trail.
The red-blazed trail is a mostly smooth and easy woods road until right before meeting back up with the blue-blazed trail where it descends through a rocky area.
Looking back at Torne Mountain heading back up Osio Rock.
Descending Osio Rock heading back to Vacamas.
Tufted Titmouse

[  0.00]  Across from Vacamas office start uphill at beginning of blue-blazed trail
[  0.60]  Trail turns right on woods road briefly at bottom of descent then leaves woods road to the left (turns not blazed)
[  0.65]  Rock hop over creek
[  0.70]  Blue trail turns right on woods road at Vacamas sign on left
[  1.60]  Rock hop over creek
[  2.00]  Rock scramble up to Osio Rock
[  2.30]  Keep left on blue when red starts to the right
[  2.70]  Side trail to the right to The Stone Living Room
[  3.10]  Blue descends and starts to parallel road below, turn right when blue crosses over a trail - this is the red trail but it is not blazed at the intersection; blazes can be seen to the left and will come into view shortly after turning right
[  3.45]  Left on blue when red ends at bottom of rocky descent
[  4.10]  Rock hop over creek
[  4.40]  Nature Conservancy sign
[  5.05]  Blue trail leaves woods road to left at Vacamas sign
[  5.10]  Rock hop over creek
[  5.15]  Blue turns right on woods road briefly then leaves to the left uphill (turns not blazed)
[  5.70]  Back at parking lot

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