Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hook Mountain and Nyack Beach State Park, NY

Hook Mountain/Nyack Beach Bikeway - Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
Nyack Beach State Park - Palisades Parks Conservancy
Hook Mountain State Park - Palisades Parks Conservancy
The Long Path, Nyack to Long Clove Section - NY/NJ Trail Conference
So there is no confusion regarding hunting, as of 1/13/2011 the Rockland County Parks Department confirmed that there is no hunting allowed in any parks in Rockland County.  In some of the pictures my dog has her blaze orange vest on because it is insulated and it was a very cold and windy day, not because we were hiking where hunting is allowed.

GPS Coordinates 41.120856, -73.910937

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Nyack Beach Parking - seasonal fee charged.  No fee in winter but per sign on gate, road to parking lot can be gated in the winter since road is not plowed.

Hudson Palisades Trails Maps 110 and 111 - NY/NJ Trail Conference

HIKE DISTANCE:  12.55 miles
Click here for NY/NJ Trail Conference 6 miles option from Rockland Lake State Park. 

Hook Mountain -

Start on the bike path at the far end of the parking lot.
The bike path follows along the Hudson River.
Looking back towards the Tappan Zee Bridge
Cliffs along the bike path.
Keep right when the trail splits 1.5 miles into the hike.  The trail will become more hilly and rockier.  This section was closed after Hurricane Irene but has reopened and is in good shape. (For the 6 mile version, veer left towards Rockland Lake.)
A memorial bench for Colleen Murphy and her dog Jemma who fell off the cliff to their deaths in February 2011.
Click here for the news coverage.

Watch for bald eagles flying over and scan the tops of the trees up on the cliffs to maybe spot one watching you.
At the old stone building, watch for the beginning of the white-blazed Treason Trail which leads up to the Long Path for the return trip along the tops of the cliffs.

The white-blazed trail switchbacks up steeply on loose rocks.
A train coming out of the tunnel under the mountain.
The Hudson and the bike path below come into view.
The aqua-blazed long path leads back along the top of the mountains.  Expect to ascend and descend several times over the rolling mountaintops.
The Long Path passes the Wells Family Burial Ground from the mid 1800's.
Several views along the way.
The Tappan Zee Bridge
Looking south down the Hudson River
Rockland Lake from up above.
New York City

[  0.00]  Begin on bike trail at end of parking lot
[  1.20]  Trail becomes paved and ascends
[  1.45]  Keep right on Haverstraw Trail when trail to Rockland Lake goes left
[  1.80]  Unmarked trail merges in from left
[  2.30]  Memorial bench on left
[  4.25]  Trail turns to pavement, old stone building on right, turn left on white at end of stone building
[  4.65]  At end of white trail, turn left on aqua-blazed Long Path
[  4.90]  Long Path follows along ridge
[  7.05]  At stone wall, Rockland Lake on right, cliff above memorial bench to left
[  8.00]  Wells Family Burial Grounds on left; trail descends to Rockland Lake State Park parking lot; keep straight through parking lot
[  8.30]  At fork, veer left on unmarked to view when aqua goes right
[  8.45]  View; retrace
[  8.60]  Back at intersection, left on aqua
[  8.90]  Unmarked trail not on map merges in from left
[  9.75]  Keep left on aqua as unmarked woods road forks to the right
[10.00]  Short unmarked side trail to left to overlook
[10.30]  Open, rocky summit of Hook Mountain
[10.80]  Keep left when unmarked goes right (yellow on map but did not see blazes)
[11.50]  Left on white when aqua continues straight
[11.85]  Cross small creek on boards
[11.95]  Left on paved road
[12.00]  Right on Larchdale Road
[12.20]  Left at stop sign when road ends; right at park tollbooth
[12.55]  Back at parking lot


  1. RIP Colleen and Jemma

  2. I just came back from this park ..was looking more info about in on the Internet and found your blog! Very nice! I am sure will be back here when looking for some nice hiking parks around NY/NJ/PA! Thanks!

    1. Great! Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Just wondering where you got the orange vest for your dog - I have seen it in a few posts and would like to get one for my dog as well! As always your blog is AWESOME! :)

    1. Thank you! All of Shawnee's hiking gear is made by Ruffwear. I find they have the best fitting, non-chafing items and it is all Shawnee will wear - put a frilly coat on her and she won't move! I have another blaze orange vest for her that I never put on her any more because I like the Ruffwear one so much better. Her vest is an older model but this is what they have now:


  4. Thank you again for your blog,
    sad to read about Jemma and her dog, from Feb 2011, but its also a reminder that we always have to be careful.