Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mount Everett State Reservation, MA: Guilder Pond - Mount Everett - Jug End

Mount Everett State Reservation - Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
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GPS Coordinates 42.103508, -73.452774

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Shortly after turning into the park at the park sign, there is a gate with parking before the gate.  The gate is generally open during the summer so people can drive up to the Guilder Pond picnic area, however, due to severe erosion from Hurricane Irene, at this date the road is gated.

South Taconic Trails Map (check for new edition Spring 2015) - NY/NJ  Trail Conference
Mt. Washington State Forest Trail Map - Massachusetts DCR
South Taconic Range Map - Berkshire Natural Resources Council

Guilder Pond - Mount Everett - Jug End:  9.3 miles
Guilder Pond - Mount Everett:  3.85 miles
Guilder Pond - Jug End:  7.5 miles

Mount Everett -
Mount Bushnell -

APPALACHIAN TRAIL SECTION HIKING: - AT section miles 1490 - 1493.5

Walk beyond the barrier to begin the hike up the gravel road.
Erosion damage to the road from Hurricane Irene.
Turn left on the blue-blazed Guilder Pond Trail which loops around the pond.
Guilder Pond
Guilder Pond Panorama
The Guilder Pond Trail loops around and meets up with the white-blazed Appalachian Trail.  Turn left to Jug end, right to Mount Everett.  Heading towards Mount Everett, the AT comes out into the upper parking lot at a composting toilet with a large Appalachian Trail sign to the left.

Either continue left on the AT or straight beyond a barrier on a gravel road up Mount Everett.  For this hike I chose to ascend on the gravel road and descend on the Appalachian Trail.
A view of Mount Greylock from the gravel road up Mount Everett.
Going up the gravel road, a final sharp turn to the right brings you to a stone shelter with amazing panoramic views.  This view is not on the AT so if you don't take the gravel road, you need to leave the AT to get to it.
Stone shelter at views.
Panoramic view at stone shelter.  Mount Greylock is the tallest mountain in the distance.
Continue along the gravel road which meets up with the white-blazed Appalachian Trail.  Turn left on the AT to reach the summit of Mount Everett.
More views before reaching the summit.
Old fire tower footings at the summit of Mount Everett.
View south of Mount Race from Mount Everett.
From this point retrace back to the parking area either on the AT or the gravel road then continue north on the AT to Jug End.
Fall Foliage on the Appalachian Trail
Views on the way to Jug End.
Cairn at Jug End - continue on a few more steps for views.
View from Jug End
On the way back clouds had moved in so it gave the views along the AT a different look.
Retrace steps back to the upper parking lot, turn right beyond the composting toilet and take the gravel road back to the lower parking lot.

Super Moist Pumpkin Bread
Because I was in the process of having some dental work done, I was not allowed to eat anything crunchy so I had to come up with a soft hiking snack.  I made a few modifications to the Super Moist Pumpkin Bread recipe (used half the sugar, omitted walnuts, added 1/2 tsp. cloves, used whole wheat flour) and not only was it perfect for a fall hiking day, it was delicious and vegan!

[  0.00]  From parking area before gate, walk beyond gate and follow the gravel road
[  0.65]  Turn left on blue-blazed Guilder Pond Trail
[  1.20]  Unmarked side trail to right to rock outcrop with pond view
[  1.35]  Turn right on boardwalk on white/blue-blazed combined Appalachian Trail/Guider Pond Trail
[  1.45]  Straight through parking lot past composting toilet on right, cross barrier and follow unmarked gravel road
[  1.60]  Appalachian Trail joins gravel road briefly from left then leave to the right
[  2.05]  View at stone cabin, continue straight to white-blazed Appalachian trail and turn left
[  2.20]  View to the right at blue triangle marker
[  2.30]  Summit of Mount Everett at old fire tower footings; retrace
[  2.40]  View to the left at blue triangle marker
[  2.60]  Keep straight on AT when unmarked road to stone shelter comes in from right
[  2.85]  AT turns left on gravel road briefly then leaves to the right on stone steps
[  3.00]  Come out at upper parking lot at large AT sign, keep left towards composting toilet, turning right just before on the white/blue (combined AT/Guider Pond Trail)
[  3.15]  Continue straight on white-blazed AT on boardwalk when blue-blazed Guilder Pond Trail goes left
[  3.40]  Straight on AT at Hemlocks Shelter sign; rock hop over creek; straight on AT when blue-blazed trail goes right to Glen Brook Shelter
[  4.00]  Rock hop over small creek
[  4.15]  Keep left on AT when blue-blazed Elbow Trail goes straight; rock hop over creek
[  4.70]  AT crosses rock outcrop with views on summit of Mount Bushnell
[  5.00]  More views to the right
[  5.65]  Rock cairn at Jug End; continue briefly to views, retrace
[  8.45]  At upper parking lot turn right beyond composing toilet and follow gravel road back to lower parking lot
[  9.30]  Back at lower parking lot