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Fahnestock State Park, NY - School Mountain Road Loop

Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park - NY State Office of Parks and Recreation

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GPS Coordinates 41.442292, -73.915487

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There are many parking places along the right side of the road beyond the clearing on the right (one trailhead) opposite the house on the left.  Another way to access the trail is a little farther up the road to the right of the gate at the right of Hubbard Lodge.
First trailhead at open field beyond which parking starts.
Second trail access to the right of the gate and gazebo  next to Hubbard Lodge.
East Hudson Trails, Trail Map 103 - NY/NJ Trail Conference
Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park Trail Map - NY State Parks

12.5 miles
click here for the shorter 7.5 mile Round Hill/East Mountain Loop

Round Hill
East Mountain

Several of the views are overgrown in the summer so to get the most out of the views, the best time for this hike would be when leaves are down.

Whether you begin at the clearing or at Hubbard lodge, the trails converge at a map.  If starting from the clearing, continue straight on the white/blue trail; if coming from Hubbard Lodge, turn left on the white/blue trail.
Map where trails come together.
School Mountain Road (white) combined with Fahnestock Trail (blue)
Old pillars just before the blue-blazed Fahnestock Trail leaves the white-blazed School Mountain Road
View south from summit of Round Hill
View from summit of Round Hill (click twice to enlarge)
Blue-blazed Fahnestock Trail
The Fahnestock Trail passes along a pond
Red-blazed Charcoal Burners Trail
View from side trail off of red-blazed Charcoal Burners Trail
View from Charcoal Burners Trail (click twice to enlarge)
Blue-blazed Wiccopee Trail
School Mountain Road is lined with old stone walls
Abandoned house on School Mountain Road
Old, rusty farm equipment on East Mountain Loop Trail
View of South Beacon Mountain from East Mountain
View of Fishkill RIdge from East Mountain

[  0.10]  Trails from clearing and Hubbard Lodge meet at map, continue on white/blue School Mountain Road
[  0.15]  Cross over two steel bridges
[  0.35]  Old stone wall, old stone pillars, cross bridge, turn right on blue as white goes straight
[  1.05]  Partial views at rock outcrop on right
[  1.85]  Views to the south at summit of Round Hill
[  3.65]  Right on blue/yellow when yellow goes left (for 7.5 mile version, turn left here)
[  4.00]  Left on blue when yellow goes right
[  4.25]  Pond on right but no access
[  4.60]  Cross over Clove Creek
[  4.75]  Right on blue at fork when left is unmarked
[  5.50]  Left on red-blazed Charcoal Burners Trail when blue/red goes right
[  6.35]  Side trail to right to view
[  6.45]  At intersection red ends; continue straight on blue-blazed Wiccopee Trail when unmarked goes left
[  7.20]  Left on blue when yellow goes right
[  7.35]  At fork keep right on blue when unmarked comes in from left
[  8.25]  Left on white-blazed School Mountain road when blue ends
[  9.50]  Keep right on white when unmarked comes in from left (not on map)
[  9.75]  Abandoned house on right; turn right on red-blazed East Mountain Loop Trail just beyond the house but before the bridge
[10.55]  Partial views of Fishkill Ridge
[11.25]  Cross wood beam bridge; right on white-blazed School Mountain road; cross another wood beam bridge
[11.80]  Cross steel bridge
[12.10]  Keep straight on white when blue goes left at old stone pillars and steel bridge
[12.30]  Cross steel bridge
[12.35]  Either straight or right at intersection with map
[12.50]  Back at parking

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