Saturday, April 30, 2011

Big Schloss - George Washington National Forest Wolf Gap Recreation Area, VA

ABOUT THE PARK: Big Schloss - Wikipedia

GPS Coordinates 38.92409, -78.68865

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National Geographic 792 Massanutten & Great North Mountain Trail Map

HIKE DISTANCE:  4.4 miles

From the parking lot, look for the restroom building and follow the trail in that direction.  Go through the split rail fence beyond the restrooms, cross the paved road and pick up the orange-blazed Mill Mountain Trail to the right of camp site #9.
The trail switchbacks up then levels out along the ridge.  West Virginia will be on your left, Virginia on your right.
Enjoy several views along the ridge.
At the intersection, turn right on the white-blazed trail towards Big Schloss.
Cross the newly constructed bridge (Fall 2010) to Big Schloss.
While the bridge was very sturdy and did not bother me at all with my fear of heights, I just could not bring myself to scramble up the rocks at the end for the best views.  So even if you can't go all the way, there is still plenty of scenery to enjoy and the hike is still worth it.

[  0.00]  From the parking lot follow trail past restroom, across paved road, to traihead for the orange-blazed Mill Mountain Trail to the right of camp site #9
[  0.30]  Trail starts to switchback up
[  0.80]  Trail levels out along ridge
[  1.90]  Right at fork on white-blazed trail to Big Schloss
[  2.10]  Cross bridge to Big Schloss; retrace back
[  2.50]  At intersection turn left on orange-blazed Mill Mountain Trail
[  4.40]  Arrive back at parking lot

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