Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Castlewood State Park, MO

Castlewood State Park - Missouri Department of Natural Resources

GPS Coordinates 38.552409, -90.542942
First parking lot next to the park office.  There are more parking lots farther in.

Park Trails at Castlewood State Park - Missouri Department of Natural Resources

This photo of Castlewood State Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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HIKE DISTANCE:  8.8 miles

My very first hike was in this park - 35 years ago.
At the kiosk at the far end of the parking lot, we took the blue Grotpeter Trail to the right.
Kiefer Creek on the left.
Crossing Kiefer Creek Road
Crossing Ries Road.
Carolina Wren
Brodie notices something up ahead.
We waited.  She would not move.  We inched forward and she flicked her tail up and started stomping her front hooves.  So we bushwhacked off trail to the left around her.
Turns out she would not run because she was worried about the deer to our left.  We moved through at a respectful distance and all was well.
Now what has Brodie found?
Can't blame him for hiding from Brodie when Brodie has turtle soup on his mind.
When blue comes out on Kiefer Creek Road ...
... left across the bridge then right to ...
... the yellow-blazed Lone Wolf Trail.
Views of the Meramec River from the top.
We then went left on yellow/red for more views.
Red ends up back on Kiefer Creek Road where it turns right ...
... goes under the bridge ...
... then left into the woods.
Now the trail follows along the Meramec River with many side trails down to the river bank.
A white-throated sparrow and a cardinal eating berries.
The red trail goes under the railroad tracks ...
... then up endless flights of steps.
Views near the top.
Left on yellow.
Back to the blue Grotpeter Trail ...
... to the parking lot.