Saturday, January 20, 2018

Stockton University Trails, NJ

Stockton Completes Community Trail Project (from 2009) -
Ecological Campus Trail Guide (from 2009) -

GPS Coordinates 39.48618, -73.55715
Parking lot off of Pomona Road.

Stockton University Mountain Bike Trails - Trailforks (this map is not all that useful but...)
Most definitely download the free Trailforks app and NJ region to your phone.  It's the same map, link above, but you can set your phone to record your track so it's easy to get from section to section where no trail is shown on the map and to know which way to go at intersections as the trails are not marked and there are trails other than those on the map.
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HIKE DISTANCE:  8.8 miles

We started through the break in the fence between the trash cans ...
... and across the field to the left corner ...
... where a trail crosses over.  We turned left.  Our return route would be from the right.
When the trail came out at an athletic field, the post indicated to turn right so we walked the perimeter of the field to the other side.
A good place to hike during hunting season.
Going behind tennis courts.
Through campus housing....
... to a trail ...
... coming up on the east side of Lake Fred.
Lake Fred
At this trail post, left ...
... over the bridge.
Then right keeping to the perimeter of the lake.
Coming up on a beach area.
Brodie found our first balloon of the year.  The sun was in my eyes and I would not have seen it had I not looked to see what he was sniffing.
The path comes out on a concrete walk where we turned right.
Crossing over the dam.
This side of Lake Fred is frozen.
At the gazebo we turned left ...
... then right on the college entrance drive a short distance, then left.
Things were pretty icky  here but a little farther along ...
... a path to the right ...
... to Lake Pam.
Going around the perimeter of Lake Pam, just before the Garden State Parkway, a path to the left ...
... with nice views of Lake Pam from atop a bluff.
At the other side of Lake Pan at the Garden State Parkway, a right ...
... in the power cut running along the parkway.
Being this close to the parkway wasn't so bad since traffic was very light.
Balloon #2 of the year.  I found this one.
Leaving the power cut to the right at the fork.
We left the main trail to the right at these concrete barriers.
We were on The Path to Nowhere.
Brodie seems to have a knack for finding pieces of clothing.  He had picked this up in his mouth but I yelled thinking it was something dead at first and he dropped it then I realized it was just a hat. 
Brodie used to not know what to do at blow downs.  Now he vaults on over like a pro.
At the main college drive, we crossed over and followed a path running parallel to the road.
Right into the arboretum.
I wanted the green squiggly trail, not the purple, wider straight trail but needed the app to find it because it wasn't easily visible.
But it was there and became easier to follow.
The paths start getting wider.
And balloon number 3 for the year.
Just before arriving back at the car I started seeing all kinds of posts but I never saw enough of them to make complete 5, 6 and 8K loops so if they existed at one time, there must be a lot missing now.
Back at that field by the parking lot coming in from the opposite side.


  1. Looks like a great place to hike. Is that in Southern NJ? Brodie is a real trooper and a great companion to you now. Thanks for sharing. Joanne from NJ

  2. Well Well...back down in my neck o' the woods again, I see! I've lived down in this area (Atlantic City area) for 20+ years, and am absolutely aware of where Stockton University is, but I've never visited the campus, and certainly didn't realize it had such interesting-looking trails! (And those 2 lakes (Fred and Pam) looked gorgeous -- even in Winter!) Guess I'll have to check those trails out sometime.

    Great job on the balloon-gathering (three in one hike...great start to 2018; just 40-something more to go to tie/beat 2017's total!) And congrats to Brodie for actually finding the first one; you should attach his picture to that one when you make your collage at the end of this year. :)

    Thank you for the (inadvertent) showing me of an excellent place to hike in my own area...look forward to your next adventure!


    1. I was thinking about you while doing this hike and wondering if you knew about it. I just happened across it while Googling something else and was saving it for when I needed a no hunting hike on a Saturday. It was much better that I expected it would be.


  3. Brodie seems to really be getting into this hiking business! Love the views over Lake Fred, and especially the Adirondack chairs! Thanks for sharing, as always.

    1. Oh yes, he is starting to whimper in the car now when we don't get to the hike fast enough.

  4. I love Brodie jumping over the log! The ducks were so cute.