Sunday, August 6, 2017

Catskill Forest Preserve, NY - Phoenicia East Branch from Lane Street to Ashokan Overlook

Slide Mountain Wilderness - New York DEC
Trail Conference to Open New Catskills Trail - NYNJ Trail Conference

GPS Coordinates 42.07825, -74.31898
Parking lot at the end of Lane Street.

Northeastern Catskill Trails Map 141 and 143 - New York New Jersey Trail Conference
Long Path Relocation - NYNJ Trail Conference (free map)
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HIKE DISTANCE:  13.2 miles (6.6 miles each way)


First I would like to thank everyone for the unbelievable number of comments regarding Shawnee's passing.  The outpouring of love for my girl was nothing short of incredible and it made dealing with losing her easier to handle.  You are all friends I am grateful to have.

The blue-blazed Phoenicia East Branch Trail is also the reroute of the Long Path.
A short distance in ...
... a trail register.  Based on the trail register entries, only about 2-3 people hike this trail a day so if you want solitude in the Catskills, this is the place to be.  I ran into nobody all day.  Two other people had hiked but they did not go as far as I did so I never ran into them.
Somebody was enjoying some mushroom.
I placed this litter where I would see it to pack it out on my return route but the couple who hiked just beyond this point after me must have taken it because I never saw it heading back.  Thanks!
The overlook on Romer Mountain.  This is 3.2 miles from the parking lot and seems to be where most people go before turning back.
The second overlook on the right.
Ashokan Reservoir comes into view.
At the Ashokan Reservoir Overlook about 6.6 miles out.
This was my turn around point so heading back.
There was a lot of bear scat on the trail along this route but no bears to be seen.
I had missed this overlook on the way out.
Dark-eyed Juncos in the summer?  I Googled and apparently some do stay at higher elevations and don't migrate.


  1. Nicole G - Peekskill, NYAugust 8, 2017 at 10:01 AM

    I am soo very sorry for your loss. I have always enjoyed seeing the pics of Shawnee on your adventures. She always looked like she was enjoying herself. RIP

    1. Thank you, Nicole. She did enjoy herself and I enjoyed her. She was the best.


  2. Looks like a great hike....great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Joanne from NJ

  3. Just heard. The beautiful girl. I am very sad. Say hi to all my pals at the bridege Shawnee especially Pickles. You were lucky to get to pal around with one of the exceptional ones Daniela. Hiker Dog to the end :)

    Many hugs and much love.
    Eddie W.

    PS There's someone very scared and lonely at the shelter today.

    1. Thank you, Eddie. Yes, lucky I was. And yes, totally itching to get out there and find that scared and lonely dog at the shelter but I am so booked up with dog sitting through this month that I have to wait until September when I can totally focus on a new dog. We'll see if I can hold out that long.


  4. Poor sweet beautiful Shawnee, is that her collar on your backpack? I miss seeing her in your pictures, thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures.

    1. Yes, that is her collar. I put it there temporarily. Today I got her ashes back and the engraved key chain urn to put some of the ashes in arrived. That will hang on my backpack permanently.


  5. Sorry Daniela for your loss, i really enjoyed the companionship of you too out on the trails, it was great to see one of her last hikes on the D&L here in P.A. i live in the Lehigh Valley i just wish i had bumped into the both of you on the trail at one time, Great photo of your backpack with her collar, always enjoy your blog with my morning coffee it always takes me away for a few minutes, happy to see you will be continuing the site

    Brian G.

    1. So kind of you Brian, thanks. I remember just wishing that weekend would be nice so I could take her on that section of the D&L in the gorge and it could not have been more a more perfect day. Had a feeling that day that it would be her last hike but can't think of a better place for it to have been. You are lucky to live in that area.