Sunday, July 16, 2017

Columbia Trail, NJ - Long Valley to Hunterdon County Line

Columbia Trail - Morris County Parks

GPS Coordinates 40.78668, -74.78114
Long Valley Parking Lot

The Columbia Trail - State of New Jersey
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HIKE DISTANCE:  8.8 miles (4.4 miles each way)

Al the poodle was staying with us so he came along.
Way up ahead, zooming in to a turkey crossing the trail,
A very curious deer.
I need something to push the stroller up against to get Shawnee in and this works perfectly.
Al likes to ride with her.
I want.
Although there is a lot of private land along the way, the trail also passes through a WMA for a good part of the way.
A bridge over ...
... Cascade Brook.
South Branch Raritan River
Most of the crossings are driveways.
Crossing over ...
... South Branch Raritan River.
A fake blue heron.
Shawnee sometimes gets whiny so I let her out to walk for a while.
A major road crossing shortly before our turn around point.
I zip down the front screen for busy road crossings.
A short stretch in full sun.
I also zip the screen down when other dogs pass because Al goes berserk otherwise.  The screen down keeps him quiet.
Just the other side of this bridge over Turtleback Brook ...
... is a road crossing with parking for our next section which we will not be doing on a weekend.  This trail is crazy busy on weekends.
Turned around and heading back.
No bird pictures today because every time I would try, a bike or joggers would zoom by so I just stopped trying.
Back at the insanely busy parking lot which was almost empty at 6 AM.

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