Saturday, November 5, 2016

Old Erie Path and Piermont Pier, NY

Old Erie Path -
Piermont Pier and Marsh - Rockland Audubon
From Piermont Parks and Recreation:
The Piermont Pier – The Piermont Pier stretches about a mile into the Hudson River. The pier, built in the 19th century to accommodate river traffic and used during World War II as an embarkation point for troops heading to Europe, is visible from the Tappan Zee Bridge.

GSP Coordinates 41.04008, -73.91372
Municipal parking lot D on Gair Street.


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HIKE DISTANCE:  9.8 miles

Parking lot birds.
Exit the parking lot on Gair Street and turn left.
In town cross Piermont Avenue and then right on Tate Street.
Aqua blazes of the Long Path on Tate Street - veer left up the steps...
... continuing up ...
... and up ...
... to the top, cross Ash Street directly on to the Old Erie Path.
25 miles to Jersey City.
Views of the Hudson River and Tappan Zee bridges (both new and old at this time).
NOT happy about 2 dogs passing by on her trail.
Piermont Pier where we would be heading later.
Old Erie Path
Some ornate steps up to homes on the left.
This is a very busy trail.
A bench ...
... with views for a break.
New and old Tappan Zee.
Road crossing where the Old Erie Path becomes ...
... the Raymond Esposito Trail.
Steep steps down to the dog park.
These two will just take a peak at the dog park from up here.  Sebastian wouldn't play nice and Shawnee can't play.
Crossing over...
... the New York State Thruway.
Flower over the Thruway.
After crossing the Thruway the trail becomes very urban so we turned around and headed back.  That would have been at just over 3 miles.
Back at the bench for another chicken jerky break.
Quick glimpse of a downy woodpecker.
Our next destination after a quick stop in town.
Stopping at the Bunbury's Coffee Shop right around the corner to grab coffee and lunch to go.
Then back to the parking lot to throw some stuff in the car and on to the pier.  We exited the lot through a barrier at the eastern end, turned left then right following the sign to the pier.
Another dog park.
Time for lunch, obviously for all.
Sleeping and/or watching?
Cormorants everywhere.
At the end of the pier about 1 mile out.
Heading back.
Now that must be some interesting pee-mail.
Instead of returning the way we came, we veered right on to the ...
... North Shore Walkway for which Shawnee, as a wheelchair bound individual, qualified.
Real dogs are better than fake dogs any day.
At the end veer left to exit ...
... the right on Gair Street back to the parking lot on the left.


  1. Wow -- what excellent autumn pix! When the leaves are at their peak color(s), autumn shots can be some of the best ones ever!

    I learned some really interesting facts on this blog entry (3 to be exact):

    1) Sebastian "wouldn't play well" with other dogs in the dog park?? But he seems so nice!!
    2) Never realized that the Tappan Zee Bridge was getting an upgrade! (Of course, I don't get up that way very often, so what do I know??) Great pix though -- I'm sure one day, the "old" Tappan Zee will go the way of the dodo (or, the old Beasley Point Bridge near Ocean City here in South Jersey!)
    3) The Cormorant(s) shots. I was over at Brick Reservoir in (you guessed it -- Brick, NJ) last week, and saw one of these guys (or gals perched on a rock)...I thought it was some sort of duck. My mom thought it was perhaps a young Great Blue Heron, but after looking at some pix on Google Images of young Great Blue Herons, I could see that it definitely wasn't this, as even young GBH have longer legs than the Cormorants. So, thanks to your excellent bird knowledge, I now can identify a new species!

    An honorable mention picture is the one of the cat (i.e. the one that "didn't appreciate" Shawnee and Sebastian!)

    I wish I lived a little closer to these trails; I'd LOVE to get a few of these pix for myself, but at least I can hike there vicariously through your pix!

    As always, I can't wait to see what's in store next for you and Shawnee (and whoever else may tag along!) Happy Hiking!

    -- Jim

    1. Thanks, Jim! Sebastian grew up going to dog parks in the City then all of a sudden decided to start acting up around dogs he doesn't know. He went after Shawnee a few times early on but now they are best buds. From what I understand the old Tappan Zee is going to be disassembled and removed. And those cormorants, have never seen as many as I have this year. They have been everywhere!


  2. You got some gorgeous shots of the foliage! This looks like a great place for a hike/walk. Always glad to see Shawnee doing well. Thanks for sharing! Joanne from NJ