Sunday, August 7, 2016

Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge, NY - Winding Waters Trail

Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge - US Fish and Wildlife Service
Wallkill River Nature Trails - US Fish and Wildlife Service
No dogs allowed on this trail.

GPS Coordinates 41.28787, -74.53389
Parking at the Oil City Road Fishing and Canoe Access lot.  This lot was full when I drove back by at noon.

Refuge Map (shows all trails) - US Fish and Wildlife Service
Winding Waters Trail Map - US Fish and Wildlife Service

Winding Waters Trail - 2.6 miles
hiked together with a 4 mile drive to:
Timberdoodle Trail  - 4.7 miles (2.35 miles each way)
NOTE:  The 2.5 mile Liberty Loop Trail is a .5 mile road walk away, the road walk actually being part of the Appalachian Trail.  Combining the two hikes would make for about a 6.1 mile hike.

Shawnee had to sit this one out because she has been having trouble with one of her back legs toeing in and collapsing all week.  It's much better than it was earlier in the week but I felt it best she stay home this weekend so I took the opportunity to do a no dogs allowed hike.  I did my best to sneak out without her but it is very hard to fool her when one is sneaking out to go hiking without her.

The trail starts to the left of the kiosk in the parking lot.
The power lines along the trail were full of birds.
And they were constantly coming and going.
A gray catbird that was not part of the power line gang.
Beautiful countryside views along the trail.
Wildflowers everywhere.
As I approached this bench on the left ...
... an egret took off and ...
... landed a distance away.
Wallkill River with the egret on the far left.
Another egret flew in, the original one took off and the second one landed in the same spot.
Pochuck Mountain in the distance.
The trail forks and I went left.
The trail follows along Wallkill River.
This area was full of cedar waxwings but they weren't posing for photographs very well today.
There are a couple of side trails down to the river for better views of ...
... the small waterfalls,
The trail then leaves the river and crosses a field before ...
... turning right through a hedgerow.
So close off of the trail and they did not see me standing there taking pictures, two or three fawns grazing.
The slowly moved on and were swallowed up by the vegetation.  You would never know they had been there.
Finishing the loop and retracing the first part of the hike by the bench where the egrets were.
Back at the power lines with the tree swallows.
And back at the parking lot.
Wallkill River from an access trail off of the parking lot.


  1. This looks like a nice spot for a hike. I hope and pray Shawnee is okay and will be back on the trail with you soon. I know it must be hard to leave her behind but I think you did the right thing to let her rest. Love the pictures of the Egrets! Thanks for Sharing! Joanne from NJ

  2. Beautiful pictures and a good chance for you to see a "no dogs allowed" trail. I sure hope that Shawnee will be able to continue her hiking soon, though. Thanks for two great posts.

    1. Thanks, Bill. She seems better after her chiropractic adjustment last night so hoping she can hike this weekend. It's just too darned complicated to sneak out without her :)


  3. Too many discarded cigarette butts on the trail. There should be a "No Smoking" rule with severe penalties.

    1. Ugh. As a former smoker, I can say that is absolutely disgusting and unnecessary. Cigarette butts should be packed out like all other garbage.