Saturday, August 27, 2016

Plainfield Township Recreation Trail, PA

Plainfield Township Trail -
Everything I read about this trail said the surface was crushed stone or dirt.  Turns out the surface is asphalt, which is not the type of trail I had in mind.  Great for biking, no so great for hiking.

In trying to find a part that was not asphalt, we hike two sections driving from one trailhead to the other.
Belfast Junction Trailhead - GPS Coordinates 40.76598, -75.27150
A very busy lot, almost full even before 7 AM.
Knitter's Hill Trailhead:  GPS Coordinates 40.82664, -75.26673
A smaller, less used lot.  It was pretty full when we arrived, but almost empty when we finished around 11 AM.

Plainfield Township Recreation Trail Map - Plainfield Township, PA

Belfast Junction north to Mile Marker 1.75 - 3.7 miles (1.85 miles each way)
Knitter's Hill south to second bridge - 2.5 miles (1.25 miles each way)

Starting at the Belfast Junction Trailhead.  The intention was to give Shawnee some more practice on dirt surfaces, which did not happen.
We were joined by Peanut who is staying with us for the week and is also a hiker.
I always wondered if they could make people pick up horse manure - I suppose so!
Waiting patiently while I ran some Peanut manure back to the garbage can since we were only a few steps away.
This overlooks Little Bushkill Creek down to the right but not much to see with the leaves on the trees.
There is Little Bushkill Creek.
There are a few well-marked road crossings.
Shortly after this point the trail runs behind some McMansions so this is where we turned around.
Heading back and the trail was getting way more crowded.
Almost back at the Belfast Junction Trailhead, then in the car to...
Knitter's Hill Trailhead
After the second bridge we took a break overlooking Little Bushkill Creek.
Heading back.  This section was not near as busy as the Belfast Junction section.  But it was still all asphalt and we just weren't feeling that.
Little Bushkill Creek
Easier going in the grass.
Knitter's Hill road crossing just before the parking lot on the right.
Not what we were looking for but still good exercise and wheelchair practice to work up to harder hikes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Delaware Water Gap NRA, PA - McDade Trail from Riverview to 2.5 Mile Post

McDade Recreation Trail - National Park Service

GPS Coordinates 41.04962, -75.02450
Parking right at the trail crossing.

Kittatinny Trails Map #120 - New York New Jersey Trail Conference

HIKE DISTANCE:  3.8 miles (1.9 miles each way)
Hiked together with Hidden Lake - 2 miles (about a 3 mile drive away)

We headed towards Smithfield and turned around at the 2.5 mile marker.  Another quarter of a mile and dogs aren't allowed from there to Hialeah.
Several side trails lead to views of the Delaware River.
She wouldn't eat her favorite chicken jerky on the last hike so she wasn't feeling well with her bum leg.  She snarfed it right down today.
Not pleased that I tied her up to go down a short side trail to take pictures.
Turtle Beach on the other side of the Delaware River.
Our turn around point.
She wore a hole in her bootie from dragging her toes.  This is why one should always carry duct tape.
Break time.
Taking a little power nap before we finish.
The trail was starting to get busy.
Turtles in the Delaware River.
Getting tired.  I had wanted to turn around at the 3-mile marker but it was missing so we ended up going a mile farther than planned.
Back at the car.