Sunday, July 5, 2015

Norvin Green State Forest, NJ - Wyanokie Crest

Norvin Green State Forest - NJDEP

GPS Coordinates 41.03703, -74.34535
Room for 3-4 cars but does not appear to be one of the more popular parking areas.

North Jersey Trails Map 115 - NY NJ Trail Conference
Norvin Green Trail Map Brochure - NY NJ Trail Conference
Norvin Green State Forest, NJ - Wyanokie Crest and High Point at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  7.1 miles

Shawnee had to sit this one out.  The day before I heard her yelp out in the yard and ran out to find her limping and holding her right paw up.  In the morning she was back to normal but I did not want to take a chance that something would happen while out on the trail.  I think it was a muscle spasm and she goes to the chiropractor this week so hopefully that will fix it.  Norvin Green terrain is too difficult for her now so I headed there saving the hike I had planned with her for another time.
An interesting sunrise on I-287 North.
Beyond the gate a woods road continues straight and the yellow-blazed Wyanokie Crest Tral starts to the left.
Gypsy moths laying eggs :(  There were tons of dead gypsy moth caterpillars on trees so maybe the trees are being treated.
Posts Brook
Sunrise in the forest.
Red eft twins.
The yellow trail comes out to a little bit of ...
... a view.
The green-blazed Otter Hole Trail which follows a woods road.
Another little bit of a view off the green trail.
The white-blazed Macopin Trail.
When the white trail ends, a left on blue goes it a view in just a few steps.
Retracing on blue to go the other way towards ...
... better views.
A short out-and-back to High Point before continuing on blue.
Wanaque Reservoir
Continuing on blue which is joined by the teal Highlands Trail.
A little mishap at Yoo-Hoo Point.  A rock grabbed the toe of my right shoe, I came right out of my shoe and went flying right onto my elbow which split open and bled like crazy.  Shawnee's and I share first aid supplies.  That vet wrap comes in very handy.
A bear was here.
Views from Carris Hill.
Turing left on yellow to retrace the first part of the hike.
Those dead gypsy moth caterpillars were everywhere.
I bushwacked a very short distance over to the woods road to finish.
Back at the car.


  1. Beautiful photos! Where's Shawnee? Was this a no dogs allowed place? Hope Shawnee is doing well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh I went back and read about Shawnee....hope she's okay. Joanne

    1. She seems to be fine now. She's going to the chiropractor tomorrow.

  3. Looks pretty, I will have to try this one this fall. Thanks!