Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hudson Highlands Gateway Park, NY

Hudson Highlands Gateway Park - Town of Cortland Parks Division
Hudson Highlands Gateway Park - Scenic Hudson

GPS Coordinates 41.31251, -73.92714
Parking at the end of Doris Lee Drive.

East Hudson Trails Map 101 - New York New Jersey Trail Conference

Hudson Highlands Gateway Park, NY at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  4.4 miles

A short path from the parking area leads to ...
... the trail head.
We started on to the left on red because that section runs along a busy road and I wanted to get the traffic noise out of the way first.
Pond Overlook
Once on blue, the trail starts to ascend away from Route 9 and traffic noise beings to subside.
On the white loop.  Shawnee loves when trail maintainers cut her a notch in the blow downss!
Perfect fit.
This tree lifted a large rock up with it as it grew.  One of those freaks of nature that you could probably never replicate intentionally.
There would probably be nice views of the Hudson Highlands in the winter.
Back on blue for a very short distance to ...
... the yellow trail that leads to a view.
A new blow down without a notch which meant Shawnee went to the far left where it was easier to get over.  She will always follow the path of least resistance.
Coming up on the view.
The Hudson River
Resting at the overlook.  It got hot fast so we ended up finishing this hike and not doing the second hike we had planned.
Heading back on yellow.
Have I mentioned lately how much I hate mylar balloons?  I find them on every hike and pack them out when I can reach them.
Continuing on blue.
A short side trail to the right also blazed blue to a second overlook.
It's almost the same view of the Hudson River but a little closer.
Old stone boundary walls abound in this park.
On the other side of red ...
... back to the parking area.

[ 0.00]  Left on red at the kiosk
[ 0.50]  Left on blue
[ 1.00]  Left on white
[ 2.05]  Left on yellow
[ 2.65]  View; retrace
[ 3.20]  Left on blue
[ 3.55]  Right on blue side trail to view
[ 3.65]  View; retrace
[ 3.70]  Right on blue
[ 4.25]  Left on blue/red
[ 4.40]  Back at parking

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  1. Looks like another beautiful hike Daniela. Shawnee is such a trooper! Love her. Thanks for sharing. Joanne