Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wescott and Lockatong Preserves, NJ

Wescott Nature Preserve - Hunterdon County Parks
Lockatong Preserve - Hunterdon Land Trust

GPS Coordinates 40.428845, -75.019394
Parking area off Strimples Mill Road.

Wescott Preserve Trail Map - Hunterdon County Parks (Note: The map shows 1.65 miles twice but it is only one 1.65 mile section.)
Mimi's Trail and Peter's Trail - Hunterdon Land Trust
Wescott Preserve, NJ at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  5.9 miles

Peter's Trail (named only on map, not at the trail head) starts from the Strimples Mill Road parking area.
The trail is well-marked with orange Hunterdon County Park markers.
It follows a mowed path along the edge of a field.
Crossing an old stone fence - the old stone fences are everywhere along this hike.
A small pond off to the left.
The trail starts to descend steeply into the ravine.
We startled a group of 5 deer that darted up out of a gully.
Passing along Lockatong Creek.
Entering Lockatong Preserve the trail markers change to red Hunderdon Land Trust markers and the trail becomes Mimi's Trail (named on map only).
Coming back out into fields just before the Rosemont-Raven Rock Road parking area.
A nesting tree swallow.
Rosemont-Raven Rock Road parking area for Mimi's Trail at Locktong Preserve.
In an attempt to make a loop we road walked a bit on Rosement-Raven Rock Road crossing the historic bridge.
Lockatong Creek from the bridge.
Eastern Bluebird
It's a pretty road walk with very light traffic coming up on the Wescott Preserve boundary.
The Delaware River in the distance (although you can't see it) from Rosemont-Raven Rock Road.
A red-winged blackbird with an identity crisis.
The Wescott Preserve parking area.
The trail goes across the field and into the woods.
Views of Lockatong Creek down below.
Along the way I saw a trail down to the creek and it looked like it was possible to rock hop over and reconnect with Peter's Trail on the other side but I wanted to finish the loop first to see what else there was.
Coming out on the field back to the parking area.
Break Time
Heading back into the woods again and taking a right fork (unmarked) down to the creek.
It was a little tricker than it looks because the rocks were wobbly and can be slippery...
... but we made it across and ...
... Shawnee found the path of least resistance to get back up to ...
... Peter's Trail.
Retracing back along Lockatong Creek.
And up the steep hill.
Back to the car.


  1. Great pictures of Shawnee and the bird. I'm glad Shawnee is doing so well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Of all the emails I get yours are the ones I look most forward to. Thanks for sharing.

    1. What a nice thing to say! Thanks!