Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Doris Duke Wildlife Sanctuary and Mombasha High Point, NY

Sterling Forest State Park - NY State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
Although the Doris Duke Wildlife Sanctuary does not allow hunting, it lies within Sterling Forest which does allow hunting and the trail passes through part of the area that allows hunting.  Also, it is hard to tell where the boundaries are.

GPS Coordinates 41.253340, -74.229813

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I was surprised to see 4 other cars in the lot.  Turns out they were all together - four women with about a dozen dogs between them.  They were heading out as we were heading in so we had the whole place to ourselves.

Sterling Forest Trails Map 100 - NY/NJ Trail Conference (Editions prior to 2013 do not show the Doris Duke Trail.)
Doris Duke Wildlife Sanctuary and Mombasha High Point at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE: 5.5 miles

Start of the Doris Duke Trail from the parking lot.
Little patches of snow here and there from last week's snow storm.
The loop can be done either way - we went left.
The Doris Duke Trail turns right and joins with the blue Allis Trail and the Highlands Trail.
Lots of trail markers!
Hiking partners.  (And we totally matched today, too!)
It was 50 degrees but this ice survived.
A sneak peak at the view continuing on the Doris Duke Trail but we were coming back here later.
Back to the Allis Trail/Highlands Trail but there was a vertical drop that Shawnee could not do.  Not a problem, she found an alternate route that can be seen better on the return route.
Views to the west just before ...
... the Appalachian Trail.
The log was a mess so I didn't sign, especially after a page took off in the wind and I had to chase it down.  I caught it :)
It's been a while since we have been on the Appalachian Trail, not since Virginia in October 2013.
A frozen pond.
Coming up on ...
Mombasha High Point
The obligatory scenic view snack.
Back on the Allis Trail/Highlands Trail.
And here is that vertical scramble and Shawnee showing her alternate route.
Just beyond that, left on the Doris Duke Trail to the views.
The only no hunting sign I saw.
The Doris Duke Trail follows along a swamp.
Crossing back over the bridge...
... to the end of the trail.
The minute I started the car it began to rain and within minutes it was pouring.  No rain was forecast.  And I just noticed my car was showing that it was getting 99.9 miles per gallon.  Sure.

[  0.00]  Take the Doris Duke (DD) Trail from the parking lot
[  0.20]  Left on the DD Trail (right is the return route)
[  0.80]  Turn right on DD when the blue Allis Trail and Highlands Trail come in from the left
[  1.30]  Views
[  1.65]  DD Trail leaves straight to views but turn left on Allis Trail/Highlands Trail down a vertical scramble
[  1.90]  At the end of the blue Allis Trail, right on the white-blazed Appalachian Trail when Highlands Trail joins the AT to the left
[  2.60]  Mombasha High Point, retrace
[  3.30]  Left on blue/Highlands Trail at the trail register when white/Highlands Trail continue straight
[  3.55]  Left on the DD Trail after uphill scramble when DD/blue/Highlands Trails go right
[  5.35]  Left on DD
[  5.50]  Back at parking

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