Thursday, October 9, 2014

Western Catskills, NY - Shavertown Trail

Department of Environmental Protection and Catskill Mountain Club Open Hiking Trail at Pepacton Reservoir - NYC Environmental Protection

The trail register asks if you have an access permit.  It is not required for hiking but the DEP is interested in knowing if trail users have one.  You can apply online and print the permit right away, throw it in your backpack and you have it if you ever do need it.

GPS Coordinates 42.089376, -74.818613

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Parking is right at the Shavertown Bridge at the entrance to the boat lunch.

Shavertown Trail - New York New Jersey Trail Conference

HIKE DISTANCE:  5.4 miles
Hiked together with the Palmer Hill Trail - 3.6 miles, about a 10 mile drive away

It is a short road walk from the parking area to the beginning of the trail up ahead on the right.
Cross a little footbridge and sign in at the trail register.
The trail is blazed with red discs.
Uphill through saplings ...
... then the trail turns right on a woods road.
The woods road leads to a meadow with various weather instruments.
Snake Pond and scenic overlook intersection.
Scenic overlook of the Pepacton Reservoir.
Snake Pond
Continuing on.
I had intended to do this hike during peak foliage but missed it.  Must have happened very fast because the week before this area was "near peak" and the day before, just one week later, it was at "past peak" on the foliage map.  But it did allow for some views that otherwise would have been obstructed.
The loop at the end of the trail.
Some partial views to the north from the loop.
Heading back down.
Just had to stop at Snake Pond again on the way out because it was so peaceful and pretty.
The overlook bench across from Snake Pond.
Snake Pond
It was a good place to take a nap, too.
Nabbed a hitchhiker!
This appears to be an American Dagger Moth caterpillar.
Pepacton Reservoir view from a second bench.
Continuing on down ...
... through the meadow ...
... down the woods road ...
... through the saplings.
Since we had another hike to do and Shawnee won't eat breakfast on hiking days because she just gets oh so excited, I packed us a lunch and we walked down to the boat launch at the reservoir to eat.  Put chicken baby food in Shawnee's kibble to be sure she would eat and well, that does the trick :)
No chicken for me!  This has Trader Joe's beef-less ground beef in it and Shawnee tried to unsuccessfully mooch some.  See, it even fools a dog!
Shavertown Bridge from the boat launch.

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