Friday, October 17, 2014

Harriman State Park, NY - Ramapo Equestrian Center to Pine Meadow Lake

Harriman State Park - The Palisades Parks Conservancy
Harriman State Park - New York State Parks

GPS Coordinates 41.174576, -74.084535 

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The trail conference hike description of a slightly different hike, parking at the same place, says: "Continue over a small bridge and park on the left, just before the white, fenced-in riding area." which is where I thought I parked.  A white fenced area starts on the right from where I parked.  (This is looking back at the bridge returning from the equestrian center.)
At the end of the hike as I was passing the barn, a man told me I did not need to park that far away that I could have driven  to the stop sign, then turned left and parked.  Maybe the trail conference instructions meant the fenced-in riding area straight ahead? 

NY/NJ Trail Conference Southern Harriman Bear Mountain Trails Map 118
Harriman State Park, NY - Ramapo Equestrian Center to Pine Meadow Lake at EveryTrail

EveryTrail has been very unreliable lately so I'll post static pictures of the track also.

HIKE DISTANCE:  6.4 miles

The horses were very interested in Shawnee.  There are dogs on the property so they are used to them.
Head straight towards the barn, around the right side of the fence.  You can see the triple start blazes next to the American flag on the barn.
Continue between the barn and the fence a few steps then turn right into the woods about half way to the end.
On the red-on-white Pine Meadow Trail in the woods.
When the red-on-white trail turns right in the gas pipeline cut, turn left on the unmarked woods road through the cut.
Still in the pipeline cut with the power cut visible up ahead.
At an intersection, turn right between concrete barricades then cross over big pipes.
Fall foliage in the power cut.
Stay on the woods road crossing the power cut.
The woods road is well-defined after the power cut.
Multiple woods road converge around this old car/garden hose; head for the old car then keep to the left of it and continue straight.
It's hard to tell at first if it is a dry creek bed or a woods road but it does run into a proper woods road again.
After climbing to the top on the woods road, turn left on yellow to the shelter.
Continuing on the yellow Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail.
Coming up on the Egg.
Views from the Egg.

The skyline is visible but it was hazy in the distance.
Continuing on yellow.
Right on white, which is a much smoother trail than yellow was.
Coming up on Pine Meadow Lake.
Left on red-on-white with old pipes along the way.
On the left, a large open area with nice views of Pine Meadow Lake.
Heading all the way back on the red-on-white Pine Meadow Lake Trail.
The yellow Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail joins in from the right for a bit before leaving to the left.
Break time.  (Third break actually - she needs lots of breaks at her age.)
Thanks to storms the day before, a little trickle of a cascade off to the left.
Through the power cut ...
... then back into the woods down to the equestrian center.
You feel really silly doing this, especially when there are no riders around, but I complied :)
A distant cousin in the barn.

[  0.00]  Walk towards the barn along the right side of the fence, turn left towards barn, continue between fence and barn, turn right on red-on-white Pine Meadow Trail
[  0.35]  Left in pipeline cut on unmarked woods road when red-on-white goes right
[  1.00]  Right at fork by power cut
[  1.10]  Cross over power cut
[  1.30]  Turn right at T-intersection
[  1.60]  Keep right at fork
[  2.00]  Left on yellow to shelter; continue on yellow
[  2.30]  The Egg
[  2.40]  Right on white
[  3.10]  Left on red-on-white
[  3.30]  Lake views; retrace
[  3.50]  Straight on red-on-white when white goes right
[  4.00]  Cross woods road at rusty FOOT TRAFFIC ONLY sign
[  5.00]  Yellow joins in from the right
[  5.40]  Yellow leaves to the left
[  5.85]  Red-on-white goes through power cut (not many blazes)
[  6.15]  Red-on-white leaves power cut to the left into woods
[  6.40]  Back at parking


  1. Awesome Photos! I used to go to Pine Meadow Lake a lot. It's a great hike! Thanks for sharing!