Sunday, September 7, 2014

Minnewaska State Park, NY - Peter's Kill

Minnewaska State Park Preserve - New York State Parks

This is for the Jenny Lane parking lot (room for 8 cars) which is about a mile farther than the Peter's Kill lot.  The parking lots at the main entrance and Peter's Kill do not open until 9 am and a fee (around $8) is charged.  Parking at Jenny Lane adds about 2 miles to the hike, avoids the crowded parking lots, is accessible before 9am and there is no fee to park.

GPS Coordinates to Jenny Lane Parking: 41.74248,-74.254127

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Jenny Lane Parking Lot

Shawangunk Trails Map #104 - New York New Jersey Trail Conference
Minnewaska State Park Hiking Map - New York State Parks

Minnewaska State Park, NY - Peter's Kill at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  8.4 miles

The hike starts beyond the parking lot gate.  In a short distance the gravel road turn right and becomes a pink-blazed trail.  The last time I was here in October 2010 there was no pink trail, it was an unmaintained woods road/path.
The Shawangunk Ridge Trail now also follows along with the pink trail.
In the past Sanders Kill needed to be forded but stepping stones are now in place.  But on this day the water was so low fording would not have been necessary anyway.
As we were coming up on the end of the pink trail and the beginning of the High Peter's Hill Trail, there was all kinds of hooting and hollering on Route 55/44 - seemed to be a bike race.
After just a few steps along Route 55/44, the beginning of the High Peter's Kill Trail and continuation of the Shawangunk Ridge Trail.
It had stormed the night before so even though it was clear and sunny, it was very wet.
Early fall color.
Views along the ridge.
The High Peter's Kill Trail descends to a very dry Peter's Kill.
Finally enough water to get wet in although she is more interested in the other dog off to the side also cooling off.
Heading to the Peter's Kill parking area - you can tell you are getting close when the path becomes gravel.
At the kiosk just before the parking lot, turn left on red.
Rock climbing areas along the way.
The white-blazed Bull Wheel Trail to the High Peter's Kill Trail.
A little view of the Catskills on the way up.
Back on the High Peter's Kill Trail.
The Catskills from our break spot.  Even though it was getting busy with other hikers/walkers, we took a side path up to this view and had it all to ourselves.
Peaceful enough for a nap.
Continuing on a bit, this is the main view but you probably won't have it to yourself.
Descending back down to Peter's Kill.
After crossing the bridges over Peter's Kill the uphill retrace back to the car begins.   At the top looking back at where we just came from where there were views of the Catskills.
Back along Route 55/44 to the pink trail.
Very tired but almost done.
Back in the car having the breakfast she refused to eat before we left because she was too excited about going hiking.

[  0.00]  Continue beyond gate on Jenny Lane
[  0.10]  Turn right on pink
[  0.20]  Keep straight at kiosk when the Shawangunk Trail joins in from the right
[  0.90]  Pink ends at Route 55/44; turn left along Route 55/44 a few steps then left on the blue-blazed High Peter's Kill Trail/Shawangunk Trail
[  1.90]  A short, steep descent then the first views
[  3.00]  Cross two bridges over Peter's Kill then turn right on yellow
[  3.30]  Yellow ends, turn right on red (left on red goes straight to parking lot)
[  3.80]  At kiosk turn left on red where parking lot is straight ahead
[  4.00]  Turn right on white-blazed Bull Wheel Trail
[  4.20]  Keep right at fork
[  4.70]  Turn left on High Peter's Kill Trail
[  5.00]  Faint trail to left to more private views; continue straight to open views on left
[  5.40]  Keep straight on blue over bridges when yellow goes left
[  7.60]  End of High Peter's Kill Trail at Route 55/44; right a few steps then right on pink
[  8.30]  Straight on pink at kiosk
[  8.40]  Veer left following gravel road when pink continues straight
[  8.50]  Back at parking


  1. Beautiful scenery, and it's nice to see Shawnee still hiking and enjoying it. I love to see your tender concern for her, keeping her going and yet being sure she is comfortable and not overdoing it. There were some terrific photos of Shawnee in this post as well. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Bill! I've been really careful about the hikes I take her on to be sure she can handle them or have a bail out plan in case I need it but we kind of stepped it up a notch with this one. I can tell she really enjoyed this hike even though there were a few challenging uphill scrambles that were really a bit much for her. That harness with the handle was used quite a bit to help her. Instead of going back the same way and having to scramble up I could have cut over to one of the carriage roads but she would have been bored silly. She will take rocky, rooted dirt trails any day over smooth gravel. (Me too!)


  2. Beautiful photos and beautiful area. I used to go to Sam's Point up there. Shawnee looks so good. You got some good shots of her. She looks like a sweetheart of a dog. You're lucky to have each other. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! Yes, she is the best hiking partner ever!


  3. Nice.
    I see you just did this last week.
    Now I see an almost up to date foliage report of Minnewaska .

    Ive never done Peter's Kill.
    I have only done Castle Point and Gertude's nose.

    thank you

    1. I think the leaves are turning sooner this year, I wasn't expecting to see any color yet.


  4. Thank you for your excellent blog. It has been lost helpful in searching out and navigating hikes for myself, wife and our two dogs! Thanks again!