Friday, April 18, 2014

Six Mile Run Reservoir, NJ - Western Section

There is no sign that says Six Mile Run Reservoir but this is the sign at the parking lot.

Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park - NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Six Mile Run Reservoir Site - Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park (scroll to bottom)
Six Mile Run Reservoir Site - JORBA

GPS Coordinates 40.474405, -74.570952

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Canal Road Parking Lot

Six Mile Run Reservoir - JORBA
Six Mile Run Western Section at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  5.85 miles

Although this is one of the places closest to me, for some reason I never thought this would be much of a hike.  Dan Balogh assured me after his hike of March 9, 2013 that it is a very nice hike.  Indeed, it was and it is interesting to see his pictures taken in March versus mine taken in April. 
The blue trail starts on the other side of the entry drive from the parking lot.
In spite of a freak mid-April sleet/ice/snow storm 36 hours before, Spring is here to stay!
Dan Balogh has a picture of this tree root, too!  It is gigantic.
I didn't think she would need her lifting harness with the ramps JORBA made out of downed trees (and she very much appreciates those ramps) but there were some downed trees without ramps where she could have used assistance with her harness.  Lesson learned:  Keep lifting harness in backpack.
Trees are coming back to life.
An intersection with a yellow trail that is not on the map.
A long boardwalk.  Shawnee preferred the alternate route.
A Great Blue Heron flew into the picture just as I was taking the shot.
The blue trail ends at the red trail - make a sharp right turn here.
The red trail follows Six Mile Run from above.
Contrary to the map, the red trail continues along Six Mile Run all the way to Canal Road which allows for a nice loop.
Coming up on Canal Road.
When you turn around at Canal Road, there are NO TRESPASSING signs.  Since this is a marked trail, I can only assume that sign is meant to keep those out who are up to no good coming off of Canal Road.
A very short walk along Canal Road ...
... back to the parking lot.
Found a plastic bag stuck in some branches so using that, packed out some litter from those too lazy to pack it out themselves.
A tired hiking dog.

[  0.00]  Take the blue trail on the opposite side of the entrance road from the parking lot
[  1.80]  Keep straight on blue at intersection with yellow trail not on the map
[  2.55]  Cross footbridge that runs parallel to Blackwells Mill Road
[  3.00]  Short side trail on right to Six Mile Run
[  3.65]  Cross Middle Bush Brook on bridge
[  4.30]  At top of hill when blue ends, turn right on red
[  4.50]  Right on red when white goes left to Canal Road
[  5.00]  Keep straight on red (marked) although map shows red turning left
[  5.75]  Turn right on Canal Road
[  5.85]  Back at parking lot


  1. So nice to see wildflowers! I'm so excited for spring.

    Our dogs hike in their harnesses all of the time - though it means we have to take them off in order to swim.

  2. Your springtime is much ahead of ours. It's been a long, hard winter up here. I really loved the last picture. It was very sweet.

  3. Great pictures of the birds! I love Six Mile Run. Supposedly, the end of the red trail off of Canal Rd is not recognized as trail anymore by the park- but I think it is one of the most scenic parts and it is definitely well-maintained trail.

    1. Yes, that part of the red trail is definitely the most scenic! Can't imagine why the park doesn't recognize it. We do :)