Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Allaire State Park, NJ - Hog Bog and Tiger Woods

Allaire State Park - NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Allaire State Park - JORBA

GPS Coordinates 40.141192, -74.122341

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Large parking lot on Hospital Road.

Allaire State Park Multi-Use Trail Map - JORBA
Allaire State Park, NJ - Hog Bog and Tiger Woods at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  7.2 miles

Starting out on the orange/white multi-use trail.
Sand Pit
View from the power cut.
Hog Bog - swirly trails on raised berms.
Charred trees on the other side of the firebreak.
Spring growth along the river.
Manasquan River
It is surprisingly hilly around the river.
This climb in particular was almost straight up on sand.
With a seasonal view at the top.
It wouldn't be a Jersey hike without an old rusty car along the trail.
The Tiger Woods trail follows along above the Manasquan River.
A memorial for Walter "Wats" Watson.
The Tiger Woods trail is named that because it goes through the woods ...
... and along a golf course.
Back on orange/white.
Radio Control Airplane Field
Close-up of the sign.

[  0.00]  Take the orange/white multi-use trail from the western end of the parking lot
[  0.05]  Cross gravel road at Sunset to Sunrise sign; keep left at fork on orange when orange/white goes right
[  0.55]  Turn right on unmarked at sand pit when orange goes left; keep straight to the other side of the sand pit then turn left on the more defined trail running to the right of the sand pit
[  0.60]  Turn left on blue at T-intersection
[  0.80]  Turn left on blue at T-intersection where blue also goes right
[  1.20]  Keep right on blue when orange merges in from the left
[  1.35]  Keep right on blue when orange leaves to the left
[  1.70]  Turn right on blue when orange merges in from the left
[  1.85]  Turn left on orange when it leaves blue which continues to the right
[  2.00]  Orange turns right in the power cut
[  2.50]  At 3-way intersection where orange goes right and a wider trail is straight ahead, turn left on the unmarked sandy trail - this area is Hog Bog - the trails are on raised berms and are not marked; keeping to the left at all intersections will get you around the area
[  3.00]  Turn left downhill to Manasquan River; trail continues a short distance along river then retrace
[  3.30]  Back at the Hog Bog trails, keep left
[  3.45]  Trail goes between 2 metal posts; keep straight passing two wooden posts to the left; start to follow the horseshoe bend on the right then turn left at the first trail
    *** I did some going in circles here trying to find my way to Tiger Woods so picking back up when I ran into orange ***
[  4.30]  At T-intersection with orange, turn right on orange
[  4.40]  When orange turns right, turn left on unmarked
[  4.55]  At T-intersection turn right on Tiger Woods (sometimes marked with can lids)
[  4.85]  Keep left when unmarked goes right
[  4.95]  Keep right at fork (left goes to golf course)
[  6.50]  Turn left on orange/white
[  6.80]  Cross paved path keeping on orange/white
[  7.15]  Turn left and cross over gravel road
[  7.20]  Back at parking lot


  1. This hike is best enjoyed during the week. On weekends and evenings, the trails are often overrun with joggers, mountain bikers and other superathletes who tend to travel in sizable groups.

    1. It was pretty busy for a weekday so I can imagine it is quite packed on the weekends.

  2. I love your hikes! Any chance you'll be printing the route for this hike? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I wrote up the route but it's hard to describe with so many trails being unmarked. I left out the section where I was trying to get from Hog Bog to Tiger Woods because I went in a circle and had to try this trail and that trail until I got where I needed to be so plan on some exploring in that area!